The first full-length gameplay videos of Fallout 76 are online. Various media outlets got to work on the new title at the Greenbier resort in West Virginia last week, and Bethesda’s Pete Hines already announced that gameplay could be recorded and published. Gamespot comes with 50 minutes of gameplay from the beginning of Fallout 76.

The first gameplay footage of Fallout 76 is online. Last week, the US press was allowed hours of hands-on hands-on with Bethesda’s new open world title, and everyone was allowed to record and publish the gameplay at a later date. That moment has finally come, because YouTube is already full of gameplay from West Virginia. Gamespot cut a whopping 50 minutes of gameplay from 3 hours of play, check out the video below:

The PU editors have of course also checked the images themselves and put some noteworthy things for you. SPECIAL returns with the well-known perks, as well as well-known items like Stimpacks and RadAway’s. Your character can do different emotes, so you can see in the beginning that you can throw up nice green gunk. VATS also returns, but apparently in a slightly different form: time is no longer stopped to target and perform an attack, but you can still see the stats of your enemies.

Those enemies come in the form of scorched, ghoul-like enemies that resemble humans who just missed the vault in time. The world looks a bit lonely, because the story of Fallout 76 takes place at a time when the world still has to deal with the consequences of ‘the end of the world’ and a reconstruction has not yet begun at all. Logically, the gameplay is therefore about encounters with other players. Check out the full map of Appalachia, Bethesda’s version of West Virginia below:

Fallout 76 will be released on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. On October 23, Xbox One players with a beta code can get started, PS4 owners will have to wait another week, October 30 they can get started in the West Virginia of Fallout 76. For more news about the post-apocalyptic game, check the statements by Pete Hines about cross-play and the news about the real life bunker that is in Fallout 76.

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