The first content update for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault is now available.

With Maven you get a new playable character who joins Section 9. The update also includes the new port map, an early version of the “ghost screen” used to display statistics, and new and unlockable weapons.

“The newest Section 9 agent, Maven, is an expert in guerrilla warfare and topography from her time in the South American military. The head of Section 9 Aramaki first caught Maven’s attention when she was single-handedly holding off an insurgent attack in an operation after her entire squad was killed. She then joined Section 9, where she proved to be both helpful and deadly at the same time. However, her past does not let her go; she has vowed to crush the rebel group that rampaged through her country and killed her family.

It has a thermo-optical barrier that can obscure the view. At the second level, the barrier increases, but it can also be destroyed by enemies.

Incidentally, the early access packs are currently available at a lower price for the release of the new content update.

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