First gameplay of Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality game of Minecraft

Microsoft has finally shown the first gameplay of Minecraft Earth, its augmented reality game for mobile devices in the style of Pokémon GO.

As in Pokémon GO and the recent Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Minecraft Earth shows a map that reflects our surroundings in the real world, in this case using Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic.

From there we can interact with the objects that appear in it (called Tappables) and discover its true nature. Chests hide building materials, for example; You can see it in the video that you have below.

As we discover new Tappables our character levels up, and all the resources and items collected are added to the inventory. Construction takes place in limited spaces using augmented reality, and different themes can be unlocked by leveling up.

Everything you see in the video above will be available in the closed beta of Minecraft Earth, which is expected to arrive in a couple of weeks on iOS and Android. If you are interested, you can register on the official website.