First Impressions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout Battle Royale Mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 seems to be a game that will not leave anyone indifferent. Treyarch is (of course) in charge of developing this fourth installment of which it is surely the most famous saga from Call of Duty, Black ops. One of the main novelties of this title and also of the franchise, it is undoubtedly the inclusion of a battle royale mode which receives the name of Blackout.

After a Frenzy multiplayer beta and of which you have already been able to read our first impressions, now it is the turn of the Blackout mode beta, which unfortunately also has come to an end. Therefore, we will have to wait until next October 12 to redeploy our parachute and try to survive with 99 other people within the largest map ever created in the history of Call of Duty.

THANK YOU to everyone that joined us for the # BlackOps4 #Blackout Beta. Your feedback was tremendously helpful, and we can’t wait to jump back online with you on October 12. What was your favorite Blackout moment from the Beta?

– Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) September 17, 2018

First Impressions of Blackout Mode – The Big News?

As you already know, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 keep betting on the futuristic theme. Set about years before of the events that occurred in Black ops 3, a series of specialists (among which we have old acquaintances) will be the protagonists of this new installment of Treyarch. Apart from multiplayer mode, of the characteristic zombies mode and the surprising absence of campaign mode, we have the noveltyBlackout.

This mode comes to the Call of Duty saga with the sole objective of meet the huge demand that are today with the Battle Royale modes. With Fortnite and PUBG dominating this terrain, Activision will try to compete as much as possible thanks to the inclusion of this mode to try to recover the large number of lost players in the last two installments of the saga.

But beware come to try to compete in number of sales and players with both titles and even with the modes of other games such as the imminent Battlefield V, does not mean that it is similar to those games, far from it. Obviously, it contains features that are common in many Battle Royale, but in the gameplay and general experience we can say that does not resemble any of them …

That said and although it is a great novelty within the Call of Duty franchise, does not present any novel formula and incredible that we have never seen so far in another Battle Royale. Use the basic and typical elements of the saga to make your own mode and try to create your style… But it still is what it is: a Call of Duty and a Battle Royale mode.

Sensations when playing Blackout

The beta by Blackout Battle Royale has been available a total of seven days on PlayStation 4 and four days on Xbox One and PC. More than enough time to take notes and make some first impressions:

When starting to play Blackout beta on PlayStation 4 I have noticed two things mainly. The first is that the map is really huge (2025 times bigger than Nuketown, exactly). And the second is that it was seen on equal terms what little polished that was the beta, as well as the desire of Treyarch to improve it, listening to the demands of the gaming community.

Every day of the beta we had one or two updates fixing up failures, adding new content and testing new game elements that the community might like. We could see this for example with the number of players per game that started at 80 day 1 and ended in 100 the day 7.

We could also see it in the inclusion of different types of Zombies or various game modes as Fast Collapse, where the circle or storm closed faster than normal. Or the way “A short distance”, where they were only allowed the pistols, the shotguns and the submachine guns, encouraging the close-range combat.

For my personal taste and also for that of a large part of the community, in standard modes (individual, duets and quartets) games were getting too slow some even becoming boring. The circle took around about 25 minutes to close completely and the games were made very long (in addition to encouraging “Camperismo”).

This was something that did not happen in the mentioned Fast collapse, where the games were much faster and frantic, lasting around 15 minutes. Such was the difference, that I could even say that an intermediate point between the two speeds could be the ideal… It must also be said that that mode we could only test with 80 players and not 100. Maybe with more players the experience was different …

Details to improve: Menus, objects, speeds …

As I mentioned at the beginning, a factor that I noticed a lot has been the lack of details to polish or improve, and of which many will be solved for the final game, (Some were resolved in the own beta).

Details how to do the more comfortable and accessible menus, that the fact of picking up the objects is a faster and more dynamic action, better balance certain armor or weapon damage, speeds… In short, details. Details that are usually what make the difference between a good and a bad game… And that we players always appreciate.

Graphic Section: Does it deserve the bad reviews?

As well talking about graphics is inevitable. This has been one of the most criticized points and with good reason. It is true that the visual section in Call of Duty has never been the most striking, and that good gameplay and good gunplay prevail over that. However, I think minimums must always be respected and more speaking of a company like Activision, so for the final game I expect a notable improvement in terms of graphics… And on all platforms!

It is also convenient to add that despite the fact that the graphics were far from the desired ones, in terms of FPS and gameplay fluidity I have hardly had any problems. Except for a couple of games on the first day of the beta, in this regard I have nothing bad to say … and I repeat: all of this playing on a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Classic gameplay with a little fresh air

If we do a balance of gameplay general and the sensations that this Battle Royale mode produces in Call of Duty, we can summarize it in that meets expectations. He soldier movement, the 1vs1 matchups, the system advantage and accessories… All that part of the “Essence” of the saga and by which it is always so successful it remains. For older people, the Blackout mode incorporates, for the first time in the saga, two factors to highlight that are not present in the other modes of the multiplayer game: the drop / speed of the bullet and the vehicles.

In Blackout all weapons have a certain drop and speed depending on the ammunition type you use. It will be the player’s mission to learn to control these factors in order to improve and get the most out of their weapons even at long distances.

As to the vehicles, I have to say that I hoped they would have a more important role within the games. We can see only four kinds of vehicles (Quads, trucks, helicopters and boats) and there are very few available in each game. There is only the possibility of use them as a means of transport, but due to noisy already little unnoticed that are added to this scarcity, few are the people who usually make use of themThe same goes for Zombies, that far from being something very important in the games, they go into the background becoming a kind of “Easter Egg” with which to hang out very from time to time. Hopefully all this will also change for the final version.

I would also like to add another point here as it directly affects the gameplay. And is that at the beginning of each game, usually very difficult get a weapon with which you can at least defend yourself due to its scarcity. A greater number of pistols or shotguns with which to try to face an enemy could be the solution.

Thus, the gameplay although it incorporates a bit of fresh air, is still the typical and expected in a Call of Duty, except for one very important aspect … Does not reach the characteristic frenzy of multiplayer mode and that many people claim or hope to see.

In summary…

And finally and making a balance sheet of what this beta and this Blackout mode has been for me, I have to say that the sensations are good. If you are a person who likes Call of Duty and you usually play to a greater or lesser extent its deliveries … Possibly Blackout you like too. It contains what is mainly required of a Battle Royale mode that is tension and entertainment as well as being a great alternative to disconnect from multiplayer mode … A tip: With friends the gaming experience is greatly improved!

It is true that has to improve many things, but if you liked the “base” of the game (as is my case) I would be calm … Because apparently they will fix many of those aspects for October 12 with the launch of the game. Also, we must remember that Treyarch has already confirmed that Blackout is a mode that will receive a lot of support for several years, so it will always be full of news and updates. So there will be time for (I repeat again) “polish” all those details that we have been discussing before.

On the other hand, if “the base” of the game you have not finished liking or seem at least interesting, don’t expect a big change ahead of the game launch. For many details that will improve and change, the essence will remain the same. I doubt very much that if it has not already done so, it will finally convince you or like it if this is your case …

Blackout is the game mode with the largest map in the franchise. It’s tension, entertainment, calm, frenzy, luck, play in team, to play alone, run away, hide you, to run and face you, kill, To die… It’s Battle Royale and it’s Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 arrives October 12

The good news is that they are missing less than four weeks to be able to enjoy this mode again and the complete game, which by the way, promises to incorporate many new and interesting things …

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Pc he 12 of October of 2018. You can see more details about Blackout mode here.

And to you, what did you think of this beta of the Blackout mode? We await your opinions for the comments!