First Minecraft Earth gameplay

Microsoft has finally revealed a little bit of the exploration gameplay that you’ll be able to discover in the Minecraft Earth closed beta – a kind of Minecraft-based Pokémon GO.

As with Pokémon Go and the recent Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the main gameplay for Minecraft Earth takes place on a stylized map that recreates your real world, in this case with a style that recreates the Minecraft block aesthetic.

As you travel the world, you will find items, called Tappables, with which you can interact to discover their true nature – you can interact with chests to reveal building materials, as revealed in the video below.

When you discover new Tappables, you level up and all the resources you collect are added to your inventory. You can use them to build scenes in Minecraft Earth that will be visualized with the augmented reality component.

The construction is restricted to a construction tray superimposed on the real world, seen on your screen. You can interact with these cards and when you level up you will have access to different themes. When the work is done, your creation will be superimposed on the site in the real world.

The elements of augmented reality promise to cause a furor in Minecraft Earth and through registration in the closed beta you can experience all this before launch.