Flappy Bird came and went, bringing a real wave of success with a very unique style of play. Now, years later, Flappy Royale has been announced and brings exactly what you are imagining: a mixture of Flappy Bird and battle royale.

The idea is simple: you must dodge the pipes spread over the infinite level, but instead of doing it alone, 99 people participate together. And, as you might imagine, the winner is the one who survives to the end. Check out:

Flappy Royale is a 100-player Flappy-Bird inspired battle royale game now in open beta on iOS & Android!

Made by @lazerwalker and I, with help from @helvetica.

Compete in daily leaderboards, customize the heck out of your bird, and crash buses.https: //t.co/uP6vIV9IZ7 pic.twitter.com/kkyFX9zRdR

– ./orta –tsc (@orta) June 27, 2019

The differences from the original is that you can customize the birds the way you want. In addition, all players are taken to the stage on a bus, just like Fornite (clearly a reference).

Flappy Royale is available for iOS and Android in Beta, but the final version will arrive in July.