Flight Simulator developers illustrate the shared world of multiplayer mode

The developers of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the most anticipated flight simulator by fans, have recently released a new seven-minute video, in which they present the multiplayer mode of the game and one of its most important features, the shared world.

The main multiplayer mode, in fact, will boast a shared world between players: virtual pilots will in fact have the opportunity to meet (and, potentially, not collide) with each other. The servers Azure of Microsoft will guarantee the brute force necessary to handle a good number of connected players. In addition, there will also be “real” air traffic, with planes flying at that precise moment in the real world, also present in the game.

To play in this mode, the real-time weather must be activated, but real-time air traffic can be deactivated without problems. It will also be possible to fly alone or form groups.

The CEO Sebastian Wloch claims that the game will be able to handle tens, if not hundreds of thousands of planes at the same time, but the servers will only send players the closest data to their location, such as the 50 closest other players planes and air traffic within a radius of 200km, for a sufficiently “dense” experience, without clogging everything up.

You can find out this and more in the video below:

What do you think? Do you think Flight Simulator 2020 will be a worthy exponent of the series?

Source: Engadget