The floating island above Loot Lake in Fortnite has started to move. After the cube’s appearance in Season 5 and the floating piece of land that hung over Loot Lake after Season 6’s kick-off, it’s a mystery what will happen next in Battle Royale.

In Fortnite, the island above Loot Lake, to which the glowing purple cube is attached, has started moving. Kevin, as the cube is now called by players, probably travels through the Fortnite map and no one knows what exactly the destination of the large piece of land is. ‘Darkness Rises’ was the slogan for season 6 in Fortnite, a catchphrase that does not bode well with the take-off from the island.

Darkness Rises … Are you prepared?

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 29, 2018

What exactly the purpose of the floating island is remains a mystery. Players link various corrupted zones on the Fortnite map, showing a route that the island could take. Along the way, Kevin, who is attached to the bottom of the piece of land, creates a smaller island by pulling rocky landscape upwards. Very slowly the island is now moving west, as you can see in the video below from the streamer CouRageJD.

Whatever Epic is up to with Kevin the cube, it looks like it will get a bit bigger in the coming period. Dataminers have discovered a folder called “CubeGrowth”. Little ones of course grow very fast, so we will undoubtedly see whether little Kevin will soon become terrifyingly large. Below is the tweet from the Fortnite dataminers: Battle Royale Leaks.

So, the cube is going to grow this season

– Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) September 28, 2018

Kevin is not the only thing that moved in Fortnite in recent days, Epic had to apologize for the moving breasts of Calamity with her new Cowgirl cosmetic. The ’embarrassing’ physic has since been patched. Want to take a closer look at all the additions to Season 6? That is possible here.

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