Fans could witness a rather striking moment reading the latest Avengers booklet.

There are also scenes in Marvel’s comics and movies where the biggest fans are likely to applaud or at least nod in appreciation. Such was the case, for example, when the Avengers: In the finale of the End Game, Spider-Man hung across the battlefield hanging on Thor’s hammer, but there are plenty to find in the booklets that form the basis of the MCU.

The Revenge story, branded Jason Aaron, continues, in which Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider, Blade, and other heroes have even gone through hell in their grandiose campaign. The latest plot, called Starbrand Reborn, took the team into space, where they hung their mustaches with characters who had once all served Galactus. There was also a moment here that the fans probably didn’t expect at all.

For Reyes had to leave his iconic Hell Charger to fight the Silver Traveler, and in the heat of battle he somehow managed to reach for its galactic surfboard. The fun only lasted for a short time because the Traveler soon took his vehicle back to him, but so it was a brilliant moment as the Ghost Rider balanced on the board.

The board, by the way, is not merely a vehicle, but a self-conscious quasi-creature that follows only the instructions of those who steal the power of the Traveler or who have known him for a long time. The Ghost Rider doesn’t meet any of the criteria, he even flew off it soon.

Hopefully we can even see this in a movie one day.

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