For Black Friday, Amazon’s Echo, Kindle and Fire TV are cheaper than ever

As sure you know, Amazon He usually takes advantage of Black Friday or Prime Day to discount his devices. And if you have waited for this date to get a Threw out, a Kindle or a Fire tv you have done the right thing. You have some of the models of these gadgets at their lowest prices to date. Are you going to let them escape?

Fire TV Stick Lite

Perhaps Amazon’s biggest bestseller is found in the Fire TV range. From her, we have the recently released Fire TV Stick Lite in offer. It is a new version of the best seller from Amazon. The basic model, with Full HD resolution, now has voice control with Alexa from its remote control and offers all the other possibilities that this streamer usually offers. We have it for 19.99 euros with a discount of 10 compared to the usual 29.99.

Echo Show 5

On devices with a screen to enjoy Alexa and all its features, even in images, we can get hold of it Echo Show 5, which is not only a speaker, but also has a 5.5-inch screen on which to display data, photos, to-do lists, and even allow us to make video calls, with Alexa or Skype, also offering us control of other devices compatible through our voice. Right now we have a very good offer for it, with a discount of 45 euros going from 89.99 to 44.99 euros, a reduction that puts it back at its lowest price to date.

Echo Show 8

If the 5-inch screen of the previous one falls short, we can also opt for the Echo Show 8 which, as its name suggests, has a larger diagonal screen, with 8 inches. This model does everything that the previous one does, for a slightly higher price, although also with a very interesting discount that leaves it at half the price, for 64.99 euros at the moment. In your case, the discount is 65 euros, since its usual price is 129.99 euros.

Echo Dot 3rd generation

The most basic model in Amazon’s range of smart speakers, the Echo DotIt is a small and comfortable speaker to bring and carry, although it must be connected to the electrical network, since we are not talking about a wireless device. With it we can listen to music, control connected home devices or request information among many other things. With easy controls, thanks to its 4 buttons on the top. We also have a discreet LED lighting, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and 3.5 jack audio output, to connect it to external speakers. We can buy it in four different colors, and, although we have seen it cheaper, at the moment, its price is 19.99 euros, dropping these days by 40 euros from 59.99.

Echo Dot 4th generation

We also have lowered the new model of Echo Dot, the 4th generation that improves listening by offering us the usual Alexa assistance, allows us to use it as an intercom between rooms, or to control the home automation of the house, and stands out for its spherical design, which provides a more enveloping sound. We now have it for 29.99 euros instead of the usual 59.99, so we save 30 euros.


If we want an electronic book and we do not need more wireless connectivity than WiFi or the greater storage capacity, we can opt for the Kindle more basic, that has WiFi but not 4G, and that offers front light, to be able to continue reading in the dark. We have it for 64.99 euros, and it has a discount of 25 euros from the usual 89.99.

These are just some of the best offers for Black Friday that you can find right now, but you can find more here. And you know; Shipping is free on orders over 29 euros. In addition, Amazon Prime customers receive their purchases the next day. If you are not already, you can try it for free for a month. Of course, without a commitment to stay and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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