The brains behind the Oculus Rift claims to have a solution to motion sickness, downloading the full map of Assassin’s Creed Oddyssey and For Honor absolutely free. This and more in the WKNDW8 of August 26, 2018!

Palmer Luckey quickly claims to have a fix for VR motion sickness

The founder of Oculus Rift thinks he has a solution for VR motion sickness, or as he says himself: “vestibulo-oculular mismatch”. Nice mouthful! Although De Wacht has worked for a year for a developer who exclusively makes VR games and therefore spent days with a headset on his head, he was always quite sensitive to this.

Unfortunately, it won’t just be a patch for existing devices – Luckey claims that the problem will have to be addressed through the software and the hardware. He also claims to be the only one dealing with this particular branch of the problem. He expects to make his solution open source later this year. Keep it coming!

Full map of Assassin’s Creed Oddyssey revealed

Who’s up for a holiday to Greece? During Gamescom, Ubisoft showed the map of the next Assassin’s Creed. This was then screen shot and sewn together by the men from Powerpyx. It seems that we are allowed to explore the whole of Greece, which is divided into large areas with different levels of difficulty.

Although the map at about 130 square kilometers is almost 62% larger than that of Origins, there is of course a lot more water here. The Guard is ready for some cool naval combat! Although there is more land, it does seem to be more filled than Origins, where large areas of the map were relatively empty. Are you ready to dive into Ubisoft’s next big sandbox? The Guard is looking forward to it!

For Honor Free Download

You just have to be quick! You only have about a day to throw this game into your shopping cart, but then you can keep it forever. This is the “Starter Edition” – a version of the game with slightly less content than usual.

You get three starter heroes (Warden, Raiden and Kensei) and once you choose a faction you can unlock three more with ingame currency – it will cost you 8000 instead of the normal 500. The same goes for the other 6 unlockable characters. You do get the full single player, which you can continue to play alone or with a co-op partner. Definitely worth a look!

Let’s Sing 2019 announced… For Wii

Um… What? That’s right, this party game is coming to PS4, Switch and Wii soon. That poor WiiU is just completely forgotten and apparently they also turn their nose up for XBOX.

Is this a game you’re going to dust your Wii for? The Guard will leave him in the closet for a while.

Shiny Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO

It’s Johto week! That means there are more 2nd generation Pokémon to catch than usual. It has now also been announced that Ho-Oh is returning to the Raid Battles through the 27th. You now also have the chance to find a shiny version, so grab your Pokéballs and take a healthy walk!

H1Z1’s survival game Just Survive ends

Daybreak Games is pulling the plug on this online survival game. Apparently not enough people were playing to justify leaving the servers on. In a blog post, the developers say that it will no longer be playable from October 24. Ironic that a game called “Just Survive” couldn’t survive on its own.

Numerous Trailers

De Wacht has again prepared a handful of trailers for you. Here they are:

Call of Cthulhu – Gameplay Trailer – In this creepy first-person horror game inspired by Lovecraft’s iconic universe, you investigate a tragic death on isolated Darkwater Island. Available October 30 on PS4, XBOX ONE and PC.

FFBE x DEUS EX: Adam Jensen arrives – Adam Jensen is back! … In a Final Fantasy mobile game. Playable until 5 September.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Smart and Resourceful Check out some new skills you can expect in Shadow of the Tomb Raider here. It will be in the shops on September 12!

Dota 2 – Mars & Grimstroke – Two new heroes! Mars is coming sometime this winter and Grimstroke is already playing. With a paintbrush as a weapon of choice, there will probably be some interesting abilities involved.

God of War Case Study – To close this watch a short video by the Youtube critic Matthewmatosis. While everyone (including the Guard) is wildly enthusiastic about the newest member of the God of War family, he still manages to point out some things that might have been better addressed. As an aspiring game developer, this 41 minute video essay is incredibly interesting to the Guard, but also worth a look for the average gamer.

That was it for this WeekendWacht! Later!

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