Fortbyte 32 – Accessible with Kyo back bling at the most northern point

With the arrival of Season 9, an unprecedented new challenge has arrived in the popular Fortnite that will force you to find 100 chips spread across the Battle Royale island, called Fortbyte.

Not all chips have been revealed yet – you can see them in more detail on our Fortbytes home page – but you can now get a number of them, including the Fortbyte 32 which forces you to visit the northernmost part of the island using the back bling of the Kyo pet.

In this guide, we will focus only on this specific Fortbyte – either way, we already have explanations on how to get the rest!

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How to obtain Fortbyte 32

Therefore, your objective with this Fortbyte is to visit the most northerly point on the island using the Kyo pet’s back bling. If you have been up to date with the rest of the Fortbytes, you should know by now that a number of them force you to use a specific skin, spray, or other cosmetic item.

This time, you’ll have to use the Kyo pet’s back bling. In case you don’t know what it is, you can see a photo of him already below, which you get arriving at Battle Pass Tier 28.

However, this concerns only half the challenge. As stated, you will now have to head to the northernmost location on the island, something you may have already done since that was one of the many challenges of Season 8.

You can see a map below where it is specified, in blue, the place where you have to go to the north of the island. In case you are having difficulties, find out that there is a sign indicating the right location, and you should look for a cluster of rocks that is the place where Fortbyte 32 is located.

Source: FortniteinsiderSource: Fortniteinsider

Assuming you are using the pet, you don’t have to do anything else! Fortbyte 32 is now yours.