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Fortnite 14 day event extended: All rewards and challenges

Fortnite 14 day event extended: All rewards and challenges

After the end of the 14 Fortnite days event came unexpectedly suddenly for most players, which was not least due to the wrongly communicated end time, and the parachute “Equalizer” distributed free of charge as an excuse did not satisfy everyone, Epic reopened the entire event and makes it now together with all the challenges, rewards and associated time-limited game modes again until January 15 at 9:00 am run.

For you this means: If you have already completed certain challenges completely and successfully, they will remain completed. Since you have already received the reward for this, there is no new one. It looks different with incomplete tasks. If you haven’t finished with a few challenges over the holidays, you can now make up for them and claim the rewards. However, you have to start the tasks from the beginning, because the progress of incomplete tasks has been completely reset – sounds worse than it is, because none of the event challenges are particularly difficult.

So that you don’t miss your rewards again, you can find out everything about the challenges of the 14 Fortnite days event on this page. We tell you which tasks are due, how you can do them the fastest and which rewards you can bag for them.

Table of contents 14 Fortnite days – Everything about the Christmas event:

14 days of Fortnite: All rewards and tasks of the event

Below you will find all the tasks in the order in which they were unlocked, along with their rewards. As mentioned, most of the challenges of the 14-day Fortnite event turn out to be relatively simple, so we hardly had to go into detail. Of course, there are also one or two exceptions that cannot be explained in a hurry. In these cases you will find a corresponding link to a separate guide that gives you all the important details and locations.

Open or join a creative mode server (day 1)

The first task (from December 19, 2018) is very simple and illuminates the new creative mode , which is now available to all players free of charge and which has been equipped with additional content with the last update.

You can either start the new mode directly after starting the game by choosing the game mode, or you can start it from the other modes by selecting the creative mode in your match settings. As a reward, you can expect a blue gift with a red bow, which hides a festive GG tree ornament spray motif .

Visit giant candy canes (day 2)

Epic Games has currently hidden a total of four giant candy canes on the Fortnite map – and not all of them can be found in the snow-covered winter area of ​​the map. The sweets are several meters high and can always be found on a mountain top or a high hill. Therefore, you can see them comparatively easily, especially when jumping off the bus at the beginning of a lap. You have to visit a total of two of the four treats, for which you have an unlimited number of rounds available. You can find out everything else on the page: Fortnite: Visit candy canes – Here you can find them on the map

Play matches with a friend (day 3)

We don’t need to say anything more about this task. Just grab one or more buddies, join forces to form a duo or squad and play a total of three rounds. It doesn’t matter whether you emerge victorious or are among the first victims, as long as you only end the match in the regular way and don’t leave it prematurely. Once you have completed the three laps, a new toy is waiting for you as a reward. In keeping with winter time, there is a snowball with which you can have a great snowball fight in the next round.

Hit a player with a snowball in different matches (day 4)

And the snowball from day 3 comes into play. You should throw your snow globes in the face of any player in four different matches (of course it doesn’t have to be the face, all other hits count as well). Anyone who thinks that this is not that easy because opponents usually do not stand voluntarily like targets or snowmen are of course right. However, this is not necessary, because you can unpack your snowball on the waiting island during the preparation time for the start of the match and throw at another player and you will easily make progress. If you have managed four hits in four rounds, you will receive the snowman emoticon as a reward .

Fly through golden rings in the X-4 Stormwing biplane (day 5)

On the fifth day of the Christmas event, a somewhat trickier task awaits you, in which the aircraft introduced for Season 7 are supposed to fly through golden rings. There are a fair number of these glowing rings scattered all over the map. On the Fortnite: Golden Rings – Map with all locations of the tires and planes we show you how this challenge works in detail and where you can find the planes and rings. This time there is the back accessory battle wreath on you as a reward for the task .

Searching goose nests by the water (day 6)

Do you really need goose eggs for eggnog? In Fortnite this is apparently the case, because today you should comb the map for goose nests. There are quite a number of them that occur wherever there is water. We have summarized the exact locations of all nests for you on the Fortnite: Goose Nests – All nests and their locations on a map . Once you have browsed all of the nests, the loading screen awaits you as a reward : Oberknacker Spezial .

Use boogie bombs or gifts! (Day 7)

The seventh challenge is a little easier again, because for this you basically only have to play a few rounds of Fortnite and use seven boogie bombs or gifts. You can get the boogie bombs as floor plugs or find them in chests, supply deliveries and llamas. The gifts are also available as floor drops or from treasure chests and supplies. The gifts work like the pocket fortress and are basically something like that. In other words: If you throw a present on the floor in front of you, you immediately get a cube-shaped room with six walls that looks like a big present and offers you some cover with its 450 hit points. Your reward for the task is the cute companion: Festtagsfratz , which is strongly reminiscent of the gingerbread man from Shreck.

Cause damage to enemies with different weapons! (Day 8)

We don’t have to say much about this task: Just grab eight different types of weapons and land at least one hit on an enemy. Easy peasy. So let’s get to the reward, because it is currently causing a few problems. The “Take the Elf” emote is intended as a reward – in German it means “Contemplation happens” – which, however, brings with it a problem: it cannot be found in the locker after it has been activated . According to Epic, the emote shouldn’t be available until next year, but apparently they put in a few more hours of overtime because it’s available now. If you have received the notification for activation, but cannot find the emote in the locker, Fortnite simply restarts,

Dance in front of various holiday trees (day 9)

Today it will be a little more interesting again with the 14-day tasks, because you are supposed to shake your legs in front of nine holiday trees. Not a particularly difficult task in and of itself, but there are quite a few decorated fir trees that have been spread across the entire menu. So that you don’t have to search long for the Christmas trees, we have all the relevant places for you on the Fortnite page : Dancing in front of holiday trees and summarizing the locations of the Christmas trees . As a reward for your dance moves, there is this time the “village-in-the-snow” banner .

Perform tricks in a vehicle at different named locations (Day 10)

You should be familiar with this task, because stunts with vehicles are often in demand in Fortnite. The matter is really not particularly difficult: Just grab any vehicle – we recommend the quad ram – and heat it up near named locations over ramps, mountain cliffs, ski jumps or whatever else helps you, for one as possible to sail through the air for a long time. You get trick points for every stunt maneuver. The amount doesn’t matter at all in this challenge, as every maneuver for which you receive stunt points counts as a trick. So if you get ten trick points credited, you have solved the task. If you have problems with the tricks, have a look at the Fortnite page : This is how you do tricks and stuntspast. As a reward for your action, this time you will receive the spray motif: Holiday Stormwing .

Thanks to the bus driver in different matches (day 11)

Today you can expect a particularly simple task, but one of the best rewards of the event: You should say thank you to the driver of the battle bus in eleven different matches. If you don’t know what that means: While you are flying the bus over the map at the beginning of a match, you should activate the thank you emote. On the PC you press the “B” button, on all consoles the D-Pad button down and whoever is playing on the cell phone taps the emote button in the top right. The whole thing in eleven different rounds and you’ve done the job. But remember that you have to end the match in the regular way, otherwise it doesn’t count. If you showered the bus driver with thanks, you will receive the pickaxe as a reward : Icy Hoe .

Destroy snowflake decorations (day 12)

Shortly before the end of the event, Epic presented another interesting task: You should destroy 12 snowflake decoration objects. That works great, after all, Christmas is over and the holiday decorations can slowly go away again. The task is not particularly difficult: in many large cities you will now find large snowflakes on lampposts and on the fronts of houses, which you can pound or “hang off” with a pickaxe. You can find out more about the locations on the Fortnite Snowflake Decoration page – All decorations and their locations on a map . Do this a dozen times and you’re done. As a reward for your work, you will receive the emoticon: Snowflake .

Place devices on a creative island (day 13)

The penultimate day of the event wants you to use the new creative modeagain with a corresponding challenge. The whole thing is done relatively quickly and easily: Simply select the creative mode as the game mode, open a server and make your way from the creative center through a crack to your own island. Once there, grab the telephone tool, open the template catalog (PC = Alt, Konsolen = D-Pad ↑), switch to the “Devices” tab in the “Creative” menu, and select one or more objects of your choice and grab them with “equip” in your building menu. Then you leave the template catalog again and set up normal floor platforms (at least 13 pieces for 13 devices), on which you then distribute your devices. Once you have positioned the 13 devices, you can exit creative mode and your reward – thePainting: disco – bag.

Search chests (day 14)

Welcome to the new year 2019 and the final task of the 14 day Fortnite event. Then you can expect a fairly simple and relatively common challenge that will bring you another great reward. We don’t have to say much about the task itself, you should open 14 boxes, which happens automatically sooner or later when gaming.
So just play matches and search through chests for weapons and equipment as usual. So we come to the last gift of the event: As a reward, the new parachute / hang glider awaits you : Equalizer .

Fortnite Christmas Event: What to Expect in Battle Royale Mode

The winter mood in Fortnite Battle Royale has already begun at the beginning of the seventh season, but in the 14-day Christmas event you will find many more festive decorative objects in the game world and well-known designs in the new Christmas look. In addition to a now festively decorated battle bus, there is a new snowball thrower or a new festively lit bush (in which you can hide).

Of course, the Christmas decorations are not all that awaits you at the event. The focus is on new and special challenges, which you can find as a separate section in the challenges menu item. Every day a task was released at 3 p.m. and was rewarded with a new, free reward in the form of a wrapped Christmas present.

Among the rewards you will find, among other things, tons of experience points (perfect for leveling the lynx skin and the zenith skin), new loading images, sprays, paintwork, battle stars for your battle pass and V-Bucks, which are always welcome, to finance the next pass or skin in the shop.

In addition to the new challenges, you can also take part in new or already known time-limited game modes every day and buy new and recurring holiday outfits in the shop.

Fortnite 14 Fortnite Day Event: Save the World

Not only in the Battle Royle mode you switched to the festive mood. There is also contemplation in Save the World mode. Fans of the PvE mode can look forward to both familiar and new festive enemies that you can face alone or with your friends as a team on a winter map.

In keeping with the festive theme, you can expect a corresponding assignment every day, which
will be rewarded with snowflake tickets. You can spend the same in the shop. Speaking of the shop: every day you will receive a free upgrade llama in the shop . You should also get the free all sorts of llama , which will be given as a Christmas present around December 25th.