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Fortnite and Dota 2 cancel major eSports tournaments due to COVID-19

Fortnite and Dota 2 cancel major eSports tournaments due to COVID-19

Sports competitions were the first to suffer from restrictions adopted by world governments to counter the coronavirus pandemic. This caused the inevitable cancellation of tournaments and major events.

Unfortunately, among these canceled events we must now also include two important eSports tournaments, dedicated to two successful video games: Fortnite is Dota 2.

With a statement released in these days, the organizers of the Fortnite World Cup he was born in Dota 2 The International, have announced that such events will no longer take place, precisely because of COVID-19.

Although some eSports competitions were conducted online without problems, those responsible for Epic Games they also wanted to explain that this option would not have been possible for such an important tournament, due to the limitations of cross-region connections.

“We do not know how much the return to major global events in person will become possible again, but we hope to be able to play the Fortnite World Cup safely in 2021.”.

The organizers of Dota 2 The International are also of the same opinion, who will continue to keep an eye on the global trend of the virus, before being able to announce new dates, although most likely we will have to wait until 2021 for this tournament as well.

Fortunately, the virus did not block all competitions: the Cash Cups (competitive matches with prizes up for grabs) will continue, along with Fortnite Champion Series, albeit with due care and restrictions, all followed by official broadcasts. Even the Dota 2 Pro Circuit it will take place without problems starting from next autumn, but always with an eye to safety regulations.

We don’t know when a return to large, global, in-person events will be practical, but we’re hopeful to be able to put on some form of Fortnite World Cup in 2021. In the meantime we have more info about online events with FNCS, Cash Cups, 3rd Party Events and Broadcasts.

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