Epic Games released on Thursday (9) the details of Season 9 of Fortnite: Battle Royale, which promises to take the game to a more futuristic universe. Now that the volcano has permanently destroyed parts of the map, players will be able to explore the new Neo Towers and attractions like the Banana Stand and the Nugget Hut Diner.

The game also wins the Tourbillon, a new express transportation system, and the Air Ducts, which allow you to speed your movement between buildings. The new season also features an unprecedented Battle Pass for 960 V-Bucks that offers more than 100 new rewards, immediately unlocking the Sentinel Costume and the Progressive Rox Costume.

Fortbytes, Creative Mode and Save the World

Fortnite: Battle Royale also features Fortbytes in their new season. These hidden collections are unlocked by investigating clues scattered around the map and help unlock some special rewards. The update also brings new elements to the Creative Mode, including Floating Platforms and new opportunities to create custom matches.

Finally, Save the World mode wins the “Tales from the Beyond” mission, in which a mysterious visitor helps to unlock characters with event themes. Click here to check the full notes for the update, which reaches all platforms on which the game is available today.