Fortnite Blockbuster – secret Battle Star locations and how to unlock The Visitor

Fortnite Blockbuster is an additional set of challenges that you can complete that are part of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

The objective is to complete all Challenges for a given week. Do this a total of seven times within 10 weeks of Season 4 and you will unlock an exclusive skin – The Visitor.

In addition, each phase of the Blockbuster challenges gives you extra Battle Stars locations that you can find.

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What are Fortnite Blockbuster challenges and how to unlock The Visitor

Each complete phase of a Blockbuster challenge unlocks a new loading screen. If you look closely at them, they will give you clues to the location of the secret Battle Star on the map.

When you find it in the game you will get an additional step that can be used to improve your Battle Pass of Season 4. Note that you need to unlock that specific loading screen before it appears on the map.

As soon as you have completed the seven weeks, a new skin – The Visitor – will be yours. You don’t have to collect the secret locations of Battle Stars to have them appear in your Locker – they are simply to progress your Battle Pass.

The Visitor is based on the theme of the meteor and superheroes of Season 4, and comes with many customization options in case you want to change your appearance.

Although completing a set of challenges is not very difficult, it can take some time if you have procrastinated and left everything to the last one. You have until the release of Season 5 to complete them or you will lose them forever. Good luck!

Blockbuster Battle Star – general locations

Regardless of the order in which you complete the Season 4 Challenges, the order of the loading screens and the location of their respective Battle Stars will be the same.

Below is a brief characterization of them, followed by a more detailed description:

If you have more than one unlocked, you are free to collect them in any order you like.

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Blockbuster Battle Star – location 1

Head for the prison northwest of Moisty Mire. In the northeast corner, right at the top, is a Battle Star. The easiest way to reach it is to glide from the Battle Bus, but it is also possible by going up the stairs below.

Blockbuster Battle Star – location 2

You can find it on the west side of the map, south of Haunted Hills. Follow the path to the south and the grass to the west. Among a group of trees there is a piece of land, with a house facing south. This is where you can find the Battle Star.

Blockbuster Battle Star – location 3

Southeast of X there is a round mountain. Flat or move there and Battle Star will be among the grouping of trees on the south side.

Blockbuster Battle Star – location 4

You should head to the base of the rocket embedded in the mountain just northeast of Snobby Shores. Go through the hole at the top and land on the southernmost support. The Battle Star will appear there.

Blockbuster Battle Star – location 5

Head to the giant crab on the south coast of the map, between Lucky Landing and Moisty Mire. Land at the top – gliding or climbing up there – to find the Battle Star in the middle.

Blockbuster Battle Star – location 6

Head to the football stadium in the northwestern part of the map. Parked outside, to the north, is a red food van. The Battle Star will appear above it.

Interestingly, some sources point to its location in Greasy Grove. We suspected that the van was moved when the stadium was erected but, if for some reason, the red food van does not offer Battle Star outside the stadium, then try Greasy Grove – you are looking for the most southwest corner on the road.

Blockbuster Battle Star – location 7

This is definitely the easiest to find. Go to Dusty Divot and enter the main complex in the middle of the crater.

There, you can find the comet that collided with the map at the beginning of the season. On top of it is the seventh and final star. It is a bit of a strange jump to get to the center but we found that you will be able to do it easily if you go on the left.

Blockbuster Battle Star – location 8

Once you’ve unlocked all of the top ones, you’ll receive an eighth wallpaper:

Despite this one having a Battle Star – in the arm of The Visitor, the skin that you unlock along with the eighth wallpaper – alluding to a new location, there is no Battle Star at all.

So, what is the reason for launching this wallpaper? It’s all for narrative reasons, explaining how the rocket at the end of Seasonn 4 took off, triggering the cracks in space and time on the map, culminating in the start of Season 5. You won’t have to wait long until you find out what’s really waiting for you. !