Fortnite Chapter 2 contains two particular glitches that almost always allow you to win

For a few days now, the players of Fortnite Chapter 2 have discovered two particular glitches that allow both to become invisible and to escape from enemies and the circle that narrows in the game, thus allowing those who use them to almost always win.

The first glitch requires the player to have a harpoon: in fact, if you hide inside a cardboard box and crouch while brandishing this weapon, you will be invisible to enemies. The second instead implies the presence of a helicopter: if you use this recently implemented vehicle and fly over the map, you will be able to get away not only from the enemies, but also from the storm.

The two methods were shown by a YouTuber through a particular video that explains how to win games. We currently do not know if these two exploits will be corrected, as it is not reflected in the Fortnite subreddit. However, stay tuned with us to know how the situation evolves.

What do you think? Did you already know of the existence of these two glitches? Let us know in the comments.