The Gamescom is in full swing, so this Night Watch is almost entirely about the German game event. This includes gameplay sessions from Nintendo’s RedCube with Diablo 3: Eternal Collection and Super Mario Party and Fortnite dancing in FIFA ?!

Good morning! After a few days of being dry from the Night Watch, I am back today and pump your screen full of (Gamescom) news!

Less than half an hour of Super Mario Party gameplay

Where we have to deal with the Nintendo Treehouse during E3, Nintendo of Europe has created the RedCube at Gamescom in recent years. Every year we are treated to gameplay sessions with games that have yet to be released and now you can start your day with half an hour of Super Mario Party gameplay!

First images of Diablo 3 on the Switch

From the same RedCube we also get a 20-minute gameplay session of Diablo 3: Eternal Collection on the Nintendo Switch! Two Blizzard devs will update you on this version of Diablo 3 during the gameplay session.

Does FIFA Fortnite get dancing?

In FIFA, the dances to celebrate your goals are getting crazier every year and since the biggest players in the world can’t stop doing the craziest Fortnite dances, SamaGame couldn’t resist asking EA if we can also use Fortnite. dances in FIFA. Although EA left it open whether it was going to happen, it was said that EA always wants to take over everything from the ‘real world’. So if real players keep doing this, we will automatically see the craziest Fortnite dances in the game. The question is more if Epic will make it a problem …

Gameplay footage from Sea of ​​Thieves: Forsaken Shores

Today’s Guard plays Sea of ​​Thieves almost daily and is therefore eager for the new update that is coming for the game, called Forsaken Shores. During last Tuesday’s Inside Xbox livestream, we already learned a lot from the update, but if you missed it, Rare listed it all nicely in less than 4 minutes in a Developer Update video. You can also see fresh gameplay footage of the update, so it’s definitely worth watching!

Fallout 76 video shows crafting like only Fallout can

During that same Inside Xbox presentation, we were presented with this Fallout 76 video, in which we saw that you can take a completely self-built house with you. The video is hilarious and well worth a look.

Gabe Newell refuses to pronounce the number ‘3’

Valve boss Gabe Newell has been portrayed as a true god to many PC gamers for years, but has always remained pretty serious himself. None of that in this video, where you can see Gabe Newell recording voice lines for Dota 2. However, he avoids pronouncing the number ‘3’. Take a look for yourself.

The Dark Souls series is over

Although we still have 2 Dark Souls reissues to go this year, unfortunately I also have to come up with some bad news this morning. Yasuhiro Kitao, the communication manager at FromSoftware, has indicated in an interview with VG24 / 7 that there will be no new Dark Souls coming. “We want to keep making fresh games and only games that we want to make”. FromSoftware’s next game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, will be released on March 22, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I have such a hunch that from that date Dark Souls players can suddenly live with the ending of Dark Souls …

PUBG is getting Training Mode next month

Last year, De Wacht put more than 200 hours into PUBG, but since this year the feeling has actually disappeared completely. Part of the reason I quit the game is because I don’t give a , but maybe a good solution will come up now. PUBG will get a Training Mode next month, in which you can go ahead with 5 to 20 people on a shooting range. However, PUBG Corp wanted to go further than that and let you, for example, also race and parachute in this Training Mode. Sounds laughing!

Paramount Pictures is making Monument Valley film

In my opinion Monument Valley is one of the few games that justifies gaming on your mobile, but the money must of course keep rolling. That’s why Paramount Pictures has decided that there will be a Monument Valley movie. Patrick Osborne takes the director’s chair in this live-action / CG movie. Although you usually already know how this will end, I am secretly a bit curious.

This was it for today! For more Gamescom news, keep an eye on SamaGame and the next Wacht will undoubtedly be filled with game news and a lot of videos. Later!

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