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Fortnite Fortbytes: Overview of all localities

Fortnite Fortbytes: Overview of all localities

The locations of the Fortbytes in Fortnite : We have put together for you on this page all Fortbytes, and how you can get them. This list is continuously updated as new Fortbytes appear.

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All Fortbytes solved

Fortnite Fortbyte # 1: Awarded for earning 175,000 XP

Fortnite Fortbyte # 2: Found in a location that is revealed somewhere on Loading Screen 6

Fortnite Fortbyte # 3: Accessible by using the “Skull Trooper” emoticon at the westernmost point

Fortnite Fortbyte # 4: Accessible by freefalling the “Plasma Tail” contrail through the rings over Loot Lake

Fortnite Fortbyte # 5: Accessible by using the “Loose Shuffle” emote in a dance hall

Fortnite Fortbyte # 6: Accessible by using the “Yay!” Emote at an ice cream parlor in the desert

Fortnite Fortbyte # 7: Accessible by using the “Snuggle Time” emoticon in a rocky umbrella

Fortnite Fortbyte # 8: Found in Junk Junction

Fortnite Fortbyte # 9: Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 5

Fortnite Fortbyte # 10: Awarded for earning 60,000 XP

Fortnite Fortbyte # 11: Found under a circling jungle parrot

Fortnite Fortbyte # 12: Accessible by using the “Nana Nana” spray motif in a molten tunnel

Fortnite Fortbyte # 13: Found in a location that is revealed somewhere on Loading Screen 2

Fortnite Fortbyte # 14: Found on a trailer park

Fortnite Fortbyte # 16: Found in a desert house with too many chairs

Fortnite Fortbyte # 17: Found in a wooden fish building

Fortnite Fortbyte # 18: Found somewhere between Mega Mall and Dusty Divot

Fortnite Fortbyte # 19: Accessible with the “Vega” outfit inside a spaceship-like building

Fortnite Fortbyte # 20: To be found in the center of one of the first three storm eyes

Fortnite Fortbyte # 21: Found in a metal llama building

Fortnite Fortbyte # 22: Accessible by using the “Rox” spray motif in an underpass

Fortnite Fortbyte # 23: Found between a campsite, a gas station, and a massive footprint

Fortnite Fortbyte # 24: Found in Fatal Fields

Fortnite Fortbyte # 25: Awarded at Battle Pass Level 40

Fortnite Fortbyte # 26: Accessible with the “Bunker-Jonesy” outfit near a snow-covered bunker

Fortnite Fortbyte # 27: Findable anywhere within card location A4

Fortnite Fortbyte # 28: Accessible by solving the shape puzzle outside of a desert junkyard

Fortnite Fortbyte # 29: Found under the tree in Headcracker’s hut

Fortnite Fortbyte # 30: Found somewhere between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park

Fortnite Fortbyte # 31: Found at a viewpoint of a meteorite crater

Fortnite Fortbyte # 32: Accessible with the companion “Kyo” at the northernmost point

Fortnite Fortbyte # 33: Found in a location that is revealed somewhere on Loading Screen 10

Fortnite Fortbyte # 34: Found between a fork and a knife

Fortnite Fortbyte # 35: Awarded for earning 225,000 XP

Fortnite Fortbyte # 36: Accessible as “Sentinel” on an icy island

Fortnite Fortbyte # 37: Found in the vault of a shelter in Pleasant Park

Fortnite Fortbyte # 38: Accessible with the outfit ?? Vendetta ?? at the northernmost sky platform

Fortnite Fortbyte # 39: Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 2

Fortnite Fortbyte # 40: Accessible with the “Demi” outfit on a sundial in the desert

Fortnite Fortbyte # 41: Accessible by using the “Tomato Head” emoticon in Durrr Burger

Fortnite Fortbyte # 42: Awarded for completing 6 Week 3 challenges

Fortnite Fortbyte # 43: Accessible by wearing the “Nana Cape” back accessory in a banana stand.

Fortnite Fortbyte # 44: Awarded at Battle Pass Level 20

Fortnite Fortbyte # 46: Awarded at Battle Pass Level 100

Fortnite Fortbyte # 47: Found between a restart bus, a pirate camp, and a crashed battle bus

Fortnite Fortbyte # 48: Accessible by smashing the dwarf near the throne on a mountain top with the pickaxe “Vox”

Fortnite Fortbyte # 49: Found in Trok’s Ice Cave

Fortnite Fortbyte # 50: Accessible at night in castle ruins on a mountain

Fortnite Fortbyte # 51: Accessible by crossing the street in front of Schali’s banana stand using the “Cackle Step” emote

Fortnite Fortbyte # 52: Accessible with the spray motif “Bot” in a robot factory

Fortnite Fortbyte # 53: Accessible by helping to lift the disco ball in an abandoned villain hideout on a mountain

Fortnite Fortbyte # 56: Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 10

Fortnite Fortbyte # 55: Found in Haunted Hills

Fortnite Fortbyte # 9: Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 5

Fortnite Fortbyte # 57: Awarded by reaching the top 10 5 times in Teams, Tuo or Solo

Fortnite Fortbyte # 58: Accessible by using the Sad Trumpet emote on the north end of Snobby Shores.

Fortnite Fortbyte # 59: Accessible by using the “Durrr!” used in a pizza pit restaurant.

Fortnite Fortbyte # 60: Accessible with the emote “Schildwirbler” in front of the Happy Oink restaurant

Fortnite Fortbyte # 61: Accessible by using the “Sun Bird” spray motif near an icy waterfall

Fortnite Fortbyte # 62: Accessible with the “Stratus” outfit in an abandoned mansion

Fortnite Fortbyte # 63: Found somewhere between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields

Fortnite Fortbyte # 64: Accessible as “Rox” on the Stunt Mountain

Fortnite Fortbyte # 65: Found on a cheap movie set in a basement

Fortnite Fortbyte # 66: Awarded by finishing top 10 in teams, duos or solo 75 times

Fortnite Fortbyte # 67: Accessible by flying the “Avengers” hang glider through the rings under the southernmost sky platform.

Fortnite Fortbyte # 68: Found in a bookstore in a snowy city

Fortnite Fortbyte # 69: To be found inside a stone pig building

Fortnite Fortbyte # 70: Accessible by flying the “Impulse” contrail in free fall through the rings over Lazy Lagoon.

Fortnite Fortbyte # 71: Awarded for completing 6 Week 1 challenges

Fortnite Fortbyte # 72: Found in Salty Springs

Fortnite Fortbyte # 73: Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 6

Fortnite Fortbyte # 74: Found in a filing cabinet inside an assassin’s basement on the coast of a desert

Fortnite Fortbyte # 75: Found in a hangar

Fortnite Fortbyte # 76: Found behind a historic diorama in an insurance building

Fortnite Fortbyte # 77: Found in a taco place near a platform

Fortnite Fortbyte # 78: Found inside a fire tower overlooking a drained lake

Fortnite Fortbyte # 79: Found in an arcade

Fortnite Fortbyte # 80: Accessible by breaking up the rock on the highest point of the volcanic rim with the “Bunker Smashers” pickaxe

Fortnite Fortbyte # 81: Accessible during the day near cacti in triangular formation on a mountain

Fortnite Fortbyte # 82: Accessible by solving the Pressure Plate puzzle northwest of The Block

Fortnite Fortbyte # 83: Found in a rock garden near the coast

Fortnite Fortbyte # 84: Awarded at Battle Pass Level 60

Fortnite Fortbyte # 85: Awarded for receiving 30,000 XP

Fortnite Fortbyte # 87: Awarded by reaching the top 10 50 times in a team, duo or solo

Fortnite Fortbyte # 88: Found anywhere within map grid square J3

Fortnite Fortbyte # 89: Accessible by flying the Scarlet Fever Glider through the rings east of Snobby Shores.

Fortnite Fortbyte # 90: Awarded by reaching the top 10 100 times in Teams, Duo or Solo.

Fortnite Fortbyte # 91: Found in a location that is revealed somewhere on Loading Screen 4

Fortnite Fortbyte # 92: Accessible by using the “Stony Love” spray motif near a lava fall

Fortnite Fortbyte # 93: Awarded for completing 6 challenges from Week 7

Fortnite Fortbyte # 94: Accessible after smashing a blue canoe under a frozen lake with the Scarlet Sickle Pickaxe

Fortnite Fortbyte # 95: Found on a row of solar panels in the jungle

Fortnite Fortbyte # 96: Awarded at Battle Pass Level 80

Fortnite Fortbyte # 97: Found in a location that is revealed somewhere on Loading Screen 8

Fortnite Fortbyte # 98: Found inside a Viking longhouse

Fortnite Fortbyte # 99: Awarded for earning 125,000 XP

Fortnite Fortbyte # 100: Found on the top floor of the tallest building in Neo Tilted

What are Fortbytes and when are new ones coming?

Fortbytes are computer chips that you can find and unlock as part of the Fortbyte challenge of the same name. It is – similar to the Utopia Challenge – another long-term task that will accompany you throughout Season 9. In total there are 100 of these Fortbytes in Fortnite, which have a fixed numbering (between # 1 and # 100).

The Fortbyte challenge joins the Utopia challenge in the “long-term task” category.

At the beginning of Season 9, 18 pieces will be made available immediately, then another Fortbyte will be added every day (at 3:00 p.m.) – so you can see them as a kind of additional daily challenge. The Fortbytes are not activated in ascending order of numbers, but in a jumbled manner (e.g. # 18, then # 67, then # 33).

Find and unlock Fortbytes in Fortnite

Basically, Epic has come up with a few different methods to unlock the Fortbytes. For some, you only have to collect a certain amount of experience points, reach a certain Battle Pass level or complete the challenges of a certain week.

But it can also be more difficult: For example, you should end up among the 10 best players X times in team or solo mode or you have to find a Fortbyte in a hidden place in the game world, as in a treasure hunt – and that is partly only possible if you use a certain skin.

What rewards are there for collecting the computer chips?

For each unlocked Fortbyte, a part of the image is unlocked, which is covered by 100 mosaic tiles in the Fortbyte challenge in order to encrypt something “secret”. What this mysterious secret is about is still unknown.

Of course, there are a few assumptions about this. So it could be that Epic wants to tell the story of Season 9 in this way, which ultimately leads to the transition to the next season. But maybe the final rune event of season 8 and the selected item (at the end of the event) are related to it. Until the future shows what it really is, there are of course other rewards that you can get.

This mysterious picture is revealed to you in the course of the Fortbyte challenge

In addition to the picture, you also unlock new costume options such as pickaxes, back accessories, gliders, emotes, logos and so on. These are in turn linked to the respective challenges of the Season 9 Skins of the Battle Pass (Rox, Sentinel, Bunker Jonesy, Vega, Stratus, Demi and Vendetta), some of which can only be unlocked via Fortbytes.

The pictures show you just a few of the things that you can unlock with Fortbytes.

This is the picture of the challenge when you unlock all 100 chips

If you manage to collect all 100 Fortbytes in the course of Season 9, you will reveal the following picture. The same thing shows Bunker Jonesy scribbling pictures on the wall that show past events in the game (meteorite impact, volcano, large cube, rune bunker from Loot Lake) that always heralded the end of one season and the beginning of the next. The Polar Peak monster can also be seen next to Jonesy’s feet, which is visiting the island this season. The only question that arises is: Which events are covered by Jonesy in the middle of the picture, which have to do with the end of Season 9?

Fortnite Season 9: Meanwhile, dataminers have revealed the full picture of the Fortbyte challenge.

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