Fortnite gets a shopping cart as a vehicle

Epic Games has released with patch 4.3. a shopping cart Fortnite added. You can use that vehicle alone or with another player.

When using the item with two players, one player has the option to sit in the car and shoot from there. The other player then pushes the shopping cart.

Also, patch 4.3. a new User Interface and game mode Blitz V2 to Fortnite. The new interface makes it easier for players to keep up with challenges.

Blitz V2 is the temporary mode this week. In this mode, the storm moves faster and there is more loot on the island. The Port-a-Fort, Clinger, LMG and other new items are available in Blitz V2.

Version 2 of Teams or 20 is also live. Each team gets its own Battle Bus, making coordinated drops easier.

Finally, the patch changes the pace at which you build structures. Successive parts complete faster. Epic Games is under fire as PUBG Corp. Epic Games is suing for Fortnite Battle Royale.