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Fortnite gets an ‘Anime Legends’ pack without any anime legends

Fortnite gets an ‘Anime Legends’ pack without any anime legends

This is mainly because Fortnite actually features anime legends in its extensive roster of guest characters. Earlier this year, for example, Naruto, Hinata, Kakashi and others from the hit manga/anime series were added to Epic’s Battle Royale game, available to purchase as new skins with V -Bucks in the Item Shop.

Additionally, rumors of a Dragon Ball collaboration in Fortnite have been circulating for well over a few weeks now.

Fortnite: Anime Legends Pack Announced; price, content and release date

Epic Games has announced the 2022 Physics Pack for Fortnite Battle Royale: The Anime Legends Pack. This Fortnite bundle includes new versions of Midas, Rox, and Penny with anime aesthetics. Right below, we show you what’s in it, and tell you how much it costs and when it comes out:

When is the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack released? How much does it cost?

The Fortnite Anime Legends Pack will be available in stores worldwide in physical form from October 14, 2022. It will also be available in digital stores (Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop) from October 22. 2022. We remind you that the packs in physical format do not include discs or game cards in the case of the Switch; it is simply an empty box with a code inside, to be redeemed in the corresponding digital store.

In both cases, it will cost you €19.99 including tax. Please note that digital Fortnite bundles are generally priced at a fixed price, while physical bundles may be subject to sale, depending on the store.

What does the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack include?

Bouncing Rox Objects

List of Penny Items

As we mentioned above, this pack will be released in October 2022, so it will be during Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4. In our always updated Fortnite guide we give you the keys to the game (we are currently in season 3 of chapter 3); We tell you, for example, how to complete all missions or how to level up quickly.

Fortnite Anime Legends Pack features fan-favorite characters with anime-style loot

Epic has announced a new “Anime Legends” pack for Fortnite for release in October, fixing some fan-favorite characters in shady digs for the sum of $20. The pack offers three outfits, three back blings and three pickaxes in addition to an emote.

The first set belongs to the anti-hero Midas. The Golden Gear Midas outfit adorns him with a golden moto jacket that you can wear with a red skull helmet. The Golden Crash back bling is the aforementioned helmet in backpack form. His pickaxe is a 24 Karat Katana pickaxe.

The second set belongs to fashionista Rox. The Ricochet Rox outfit has a black hoodie adorned with a strawberry. The Whirlberry back accessory features a friendly red robot with a propeller. His Blazeberry Blade pickaxe is a fancy laser sword with a teal handle.

The last set is Penny themed. The Ready Penny outfit includes a zip-up leather jacket and sleek black pants. The Little Black Bag backpack is a cute little backpack with patches, pins and a gun holster. The Glimmering Edge Pickaxe is a massive black and gold hammer. The Lil’ Kart emote will showcase your avatar driving skills, even if you’re driving a small kart.

The pack will be released both digitally and physically. Physical versions for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will hit game retailers on October 14.