Fortnite gets another Marvel villain – according to a mysterious Twitter hint

  • According to a picture on Twitter, Venom could join Fortnite
  • An outline with a spider emoji indicates the villain
  • Now many people are wondering again whether Spider-Man will also come into play

The Marvel season “Nexus War” in Fortnite is still in full swing and is slowly heading towards the finale: Towards the end of the month, a big event is planned that will probably have a fight against the villain Galactus.

Now a mysterious silhouette on Twitter indicates that another villain from the superhero universe may soon be added. The picture shows a dark figure with claw-like arms, only commented on with two emojis. Since one of them is a spider and Venom is a Spider-Man opponent, that would fit well. But convince yourself:

Does this mean Spider Man is coming eventually ?? ?

– Nick Eh 30 (@ NickEh30) November 16, 2020

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In any case, in the comments below the tweet, one seems to be quite sure that it will be Venom. Some are now even hoping for Spider-Man in Fortnite. There had been some speculation in the past. For example, for the fourth season, an achievement in the form of the Spider-Man logo was leaked this summer and fueled the rumor mill. So far, however, the Spider Man has not been in the game and as many speculate on Twitter, it is possible that the character will not join the Battle Royale for legal reasons.

How things really behave with Spider-Man can currently only be known by Epic Games itself and it will be seen in the future whether the superhero will come into play after all. The trend of Marvel characters in Battle Royale will finally go even further, because Fortnite boss Mustard has already announced that a lot is still planned for the superhero crossover.

Most recently, the character of Venom, played by Tom Hardy, was seen in the film of the same name by director Ruben Fleischer – the same Ruben Fleischer who is currently working on the film project for the adventure game series Uncharted.

Source : Twitter Feeds