Do you ever play Fornite with keyboard and mouse on a console? Then you will soon only be linked to opponents who also play like that. Epic Games will do this to prevent unfair situations between players with a controller and keyboard and mouse.

Epic Games is going to change Fortnite’s matchmaking by connecting players with a keyboard and mouse. Whether you play on PC, PS4 or Xbox One, do you use keyboard and mouse? Then your opponents do too. Epic makes the decision to balance Fortnite: players with keyboard and mouse have an advantage over players with a controller, because aiming is faster and more accurate.

Suppose you play with a group and one of your teammates plays with keyboard and mouse, then your entire group will be matched to a lobby with players who also play with keyboard and mouse. Xbox One does not yet support the use of keyboard and mouse, but Microsoft will introduce this option this fall. Below is a video showing the advantage of keyboard and mouse over the controller.

Speaking of Fornite, have you heard about that big purple cube in Fornite? And do you know that players have found a way to penetrate that cube? Oh and what is actually more popular? Fortnite or PUBG?

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