Fortnite meets Among Us – The Battle Royale is now on the Impostor hunt

  • The new Fortnite update brings a Among Us mode to Battle Royale.
  • The project was implemented by members from the community.
  • In “The Spy Within”, agents and spies fight against each other in a Among Us style.

With the new Fortnite update, a new mode brings a breath of fresh air to the popular Battle Royale. In the style of the party hit Among Us, you can now compete in a larger group as agents and spies – of course without the others knowing which side you are on.

Basically, the mode called “The Spy Withinn” works just like Among Us itself. The spies are determined at the beginning of a round and must try to take down the agents unnoticed. These in turn have to try to expose the spies in time.

You better keep your eyes on the Spies?

Agents jump into the new community made Spy Within LTM to flush out the Spies and earn free rewards.

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– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) December 16, 2020

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The project was created by members of the community and comes with the option of using the Houseparty video chat app for a virtual meeting of fellow players, just like the new lockdown. A total of ten players (eight agents and two spies) can take part in a game of “The Spy Within”.

With the new performance mode, even players without a high-end killer machine can take part in the colorful events of the battle royale and enjoy the new mode with less stuttering.

Among Us definitely knows how to make headlines. The title was recently announced for the Nintendo Switch and is now also receiving an unofficial feature in the Fortnite universe. Like a skilled impostor, the title appears wherever you least expect it.

Source : Twitter Feeds