Fortnite: Patch 14.10 brings Stark Industries into play

  • Patch 14.10 for Fortnite has been released
  • You can now explore Stark Industries
  • New hero powers are also included

Patch 14.10 for Fortnite is here and brings further changes to the map, you can now explore Stark Industries!

So the current Marvel season is already in the third week and brings a new boss (Tony Stark), more hero powers and other new things with it.

Stark Industries fills a whole corner of the Fortnite map and Epic describes it as “the center of a lot of superhero happenings” in the game. “Explore this impressive complex, collect loot and maybe even meet one or the other superhero (or villain) …”, it says.

The new hero powers include, for example, the new Mjolnirschlag from Thor, with which you can conjure a powerful blow in a target area. You also shoot around you with energy charges and fly into the sky with the repulsor gloves from Iron Man.

New POI ingame!

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Meanwhile, Galactus draws closer with his troops and drones roaming the battlefield. The collector drones collect loot, but at the same time make themselves loot. Defeat them and then they are deactivated, whereupon they turn into weapons. But collect everything quickly, because deactivated collectors are unstable and explode if you do not hurry.

There is also a new game mode with the Marvel Knockout. It’s a modified version of Operation: Knockout, where your team can use superpowers to fight their way to the top.

Meanwhile, Nintendo announced the new Ninendo Switch Fortnite Special Edition today.

This special bundle will be released on October 30th and includes a special console, two Joy-Cons and a Dock in the Fortnite theme.

In addition, with the bundle you will receive a Wildcat package with outfit, accessories and 2,000 V-Bucks.

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