Fortnite players recreate Call of Duty maps

On Friday morning Epic replaced Fortnite’s Risky Reels with the “block”, an area in which player creations from the new creative fashion appear. The players rush to apply for it with their buildings. An early favorite: Maps from the multiplayer part of Call of Duty.

So far, Fortnite versions of Nuketown, Shipment and Rust have been seen, some of them well done. Here is an overview:

#FortniteBlockParty Made Nuke Town, Took me a while but I put a lot of detail into it !! Video coming soon on my channel!

– Ry (@Ryeljames) December 8, 2018 Manage cookie settings

Shipment In Creative Mode! #FortniteBlockParty #FortniteCreative

– CecilFN (@Cecil_FN) December 7, 2018 Manage cookie settings

Mw2 Rust? #FortniteBlockParty

– Matias Henden (@MatiasHenden) December 7, 2018 Manage cookie settings

Full Rust Fortnite remake! #fortniteblockparty # FortniteSeason7 #FortniteCreative #Fortnite @FortniteGame

– IXpantherzz (@IXpantherzz) December 7, 2018 Manage cookie settings

But it’s also getting a lot more self-referential, with some reviving a few old areas of Fortnite. Here are the factories from back then (click!):

My submission for #FortniteBlockParty, The old factories reissued! by r / FortNiteBR Manage cookie settings

Definitely a fun idea to include a creative mode in the actual game loop. Fortnite may be thought of as what you want, but since its beginnings as a clone of PUBG, Epic had some good ideas to attract its target audience to the game.