Fortnite Radar Sign locations – How to reach speed of 27 or more at the Radar Signs

The finding of Fortnite Radar Sign locations and one register speed of 27 or above is one of the new Fortnite Weekly Challenges.

When you find these Radar Signs and hit the speed, you will receive additional XP that you use to unlock the Season 6 rewards. Please note that you must have a Battle Pass to participate in this Challenge.

Are you still new and haven’t scored a Victory Royale yet? Then quickly check our Fortnite tips before you continue.

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Fortnite Radar Sign location

In total you have to find five Radar Sign locations. Here are six Radar Signs we found, enough to complete the Challenge:

Fortnite Radar Sign locations map

More specifically, you will find a Radar Sign at the following locations:

West of Lazy Links, on the road going southwest, in box E3:

Between Tilted Towers and Pleasant Park, on the way to the southeast, at the top of box D5:

South of Tomato Temple, on the road leading north to Tomato Temple, in box G4:

West of Salty Springs, on the way north to square E7:

Southwest of Paradise Palms, on the road going from west to east in box H9:

Southwest of Paradise Palms race track, on the road going south to Paradise Palms, in box I7:

How to achieve speed of 27 or more for the Radar Signs in Fortnite

One of the Fortnite Week 5 Challenges is the following:

  • Record a speed of 27 or more on a Radar Sign (5 total, 5 Battle Stars)

On the map you will find different Radar Signs. These are comparable to the Flaming Loops, because you need a Golf Cart or ATK for both. We explain how the Challenge works:

The Radar Sign locations are not easy to find, but we have a handy map for that at the top of this article. So you only have to find an ATK. You can find these in random places, but usually you will find them closer to specific places such as Lazy Links, the desert race track and Paradise Palms. Especially the large building east of the race track usually houses a few Golf Carts.

To complete the Challenge you simply need to drive past the Radar Signs at a speed of 27 miles per hour or faster. This is not very difficult, because the top speed of the ATK is higher. By the way, approach the Radar Sign from the side of the display, so you can see how fast you are going.

As with all Fortnite Challenges, you must complete the match to save your progress. So do not leave the game early or you can start over.