Fortnite: Save the World now lets you see what’s in a loot box before you buy it

Epic is changing the way loot boxes work in Fortnite: Save the World – the PvE part of the game.

“V-Buck llamas” are now called “X-ray llamas” and you can see the contents of the respective box before you buy.

“We think it’s important that llamas you buy contain items you want,” says Epic. “Also, you should be able to get cool items just by logging in and playing.”

According to Epic, you can buy an X-ray llama a day, and there is a new box every day. The new system is designed to encourage players to log in every day and see what the box has to offer.

Likewise, it is no longer possible to buy several llamas at once. The game is careful to avoid duplicates. Items offered depend on your account. Once the rarity and type of an item has been determined, the game will select one from this category that is not already in your collection.

The mini llamas and event llamas function as before and will not be changed.

“We’re giving all Save the World players five free Llama upgrade tokens so you can try out the new system,” it says.

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