Fortnite – Search among a Scarecrow, Pink Car and Large Screen

“Searching between a Scarecrow, Pink Car and Big Screen” is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges of Fortnite Week 2, being part of the Season 4 roster. In this guide on Scarecrow, Pink Car and Big Screen, we will show you the exact location to which the challenge refers, so you can move on and collect your Bronze Star, putting you closer to a full Battle Pass.

The new Week 2 Challenges are now available as part of Fortnite Season 4 – however, if you need more information about other aspects of Fortnite, you can always see our guides on the Week 1 challenges, which are the best skins, among many others.

Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Car and Large Screen

You can see a full list of Week 2 Fortnite Challenges below, along with their degree of difficulty. As you can see, the challenge in this guide is considered one of the most complicated, something that you can denote by the word DIFFICULT written right next to it.

As part of Fortnite Season 4, Risky Reels’ new location has been added to the Battle Royale map, a place you may not be familiar with. If you are not, then go to the location as soon as you leave the Battle Bus, as the Scarecrow, the pink Car and the Big Screen are all located in this new place, Risky Reels.

First of all, you should find the pink car, next to an old gray truck, northeast of the city of Risky Reels itself. Next, you’ll need to locate the only Scarecrow that is just east of Risky Reels. You will quickly notice the Scarecrow because, in the place where it is, you can also see other items such as a chest, several tools and a teddy bear, all in the shade of a tree that is nearby.

As for the big screen, you will find it directly below Risky Reels. You don’t need to venture far out of town to find the screen, as you can see it when you’re south of Risky Reels.

As for the final resting place of the Bronze Star, you will have to travel up a small grassy hill directly east of Risky Reels, very close to the Carro’s location.

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