Fortnite Season 3: All Aquaman challenges and how you unlock the skin

Also in Fortnite Season 3 there is again a special skin that you can earn. It’s not that surprising this time Aquaman from the DC Universe – so the rumors came true a few weeks ago. If you want to have the skin, you have to purchase the Battle Pass, because without it there is no way to get the outfit.

To unlock the new skin and its additional style option, you have to complete a series of special Aquaman challenges, similar to the Deadpool skin last season, which are unlocked week after week. On this page you will find the overview of the Deadpool tasks and of course the links to the solutions to the challenges.

List of all challenges in an overview

This time you don’t have to find a secret computer with the tasks like you did with Deadpool, but can see the Aquaman tasks directly at the card challenge table in the Battle Pass tab in the lobby. Every week a new task will be unlocked for you to solve. Here is the overview of the Aquaman challenges:

  • Use a vortex at The Fortilla (Week 1)
    Reward: King of the Beach loading screen
  • Use a fishing rod to water-ski prey shark at Sweaty Sands (Week 2)
    Reward: “Trident” spray motif
  • Catch different fish during a match (week 3)
    Reward: Emoticon “Sea Shaka”
  • Complete a swim time race at Dirty Docks (week 4)
    Reward: “Majestic Shell” back accessory
  • Get your trident at Coral Island (week 5)
    Reward: “Aquaman’s Trident” harvesting tool

If you have completed all five challenges after five weeks, you can put on the outfit yourself. The following picture shows you what Aquaman looks like in all its glory.

The Aquaman Skin in Fortnite Season 3 as you know it from the last DC film.

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So you unlock the Arthur Curry style

Aquaman also comes with another style option called “Arthur Curry” (the civil name of Aquaman) that you can unlock. To do this, however, you first have to unlock the normal Aquaman skin, which can take five weeks. If that is the case, all you have to do is solve a simple task:

  • Dive over the edge of the waterfall at the Beautiful Gorge while wearing the “Aquaman” outfit.
    Reward: Skin “Aquaman (Arthur Curry)

Once you’ve done the little diving excursion, Aquaman is available in a shirt-free version.

The Arthur Curry style from Aquaman in Fortntie … anyone left a shirt ???

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