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Fortnite Season 4 – Start and End Date, Battle Pass Price, Equipment

Fortnite Season 4 – Start and End Date, Battle Pass Price, Equipment

THE Season 4 Fortnite has just been released and is available to players from all over the world, but you will need to have access to the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass if you want to have access to the elite items and challenges that are part of the event. In this guide to Fortnite Season 4, we will detail the cost of the Battle Pass and everything else we think is important for the next big season of the popular game. We’ll also detail all the Fortnite Season 4 skins as well as the challenges, starting with Week 1.

Fortnite Season 4 – Start date

As we mentioned earlier, Fortnite Season 4 started on May 1, 2018, worldwide. Bearing in mind that Season 3 ended on April 30th, the Fourth Season started on the following day, arriving as a 2.3GB update for all platforms.

When you start the game, you will be presented with a new cinematic that you can see below that shows the impact of the comet, with shadows emerging from the wreckage. Was this the way to reveal the existence of aliens in Season 4? We will have to wait and see.

With this new season, a series of changes and additions to the trendy game arrived:

The arrival of this new Season has also introduced many changes to the general mechanics of Battle Royale. The official patch notes reveal that:

Regarding the Fortnite Battle Royale map, you can see where the comet landed on the map if you head to Dusty Depot. The entire location was practically destroyed by the comet and you can see a smaller crater on the floor of Tilted Towers, which many players thought would be completely destroyed by the comet.

Fortnite Season 4 – New Skins

Below, you can see two skins for the characters that you can automatically unlock in Fortnite by purchasing the Battle Pass for Season 4 (more on that below).

There is a new Dynamite emote that will be unlocked when you buy the Season 4 Battle Pass as well as a new spray, which you can see below:

Fortnite Season 4 – End Date

Epic has yet to reveal any details on when Fortnite Season 4 will end, but considering that this season is likely to last 10 weeks, we assume it could happen a few weeks after the beginning of July 2018. Don’t forget to visit this guide in the future as we will update you with new information as the season unfolds.

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Fortnite Season 4 – Challenges

Although Fortnite Season 4 has just been released, this did not stop the Weekly Challenges from being automatically made available on May 1st. You can see the full list of Week 1 Challenges below but for more detailed information we advise you to visit our guide to Fortnite Week 1 Challenges.

Complete the Fortnite Challenges:

Fortnite Week 1 – Heavenly Platforms

Fortnite Week 2 – Giant Telephone, Grand Piano and Giant Dancer Fish Trophy and Air Ducts

Fortnite Week 3 – Throw the Flying Saucer

Fortnite Week 4 – Tomato Head Hologram, Durr Burger and Giant Dumpling

Fortnite Week 5 – Desert Track, Snow and Grass, Wind Turbines and Heavenly Platforms

Fortnite Week 6- Heat Sockets

Fortnite Week 8 – Visit watches

Fortnite Week 9 – Solar panel in snow, desert and jungle

Fortnite Week 10 – Public Service Announcements

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Partnership with the Avengers

Epic Games announced on its Twitter that Fortnite will have a collaboration with Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War.

The collaboration between the two properties is highly timely. On the one hand, the theme of Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4 is superheroes, on the other hand, Avengers Infinity War is already breaking records at the box office, surpassing other Marvel superhero films in the same period of time.

In this collaboration, Thanos will be available as a playable character – if you find your Infinity Gauntlet.

The glove will reach the map via a meteorite (yes, one more) at the start of a match. Grab it and you will become Thanos, gaining superpowers.

You’ll be able to throw punches that allow you to stun enemies and destroy structures, make a jump against the devastating ground, create a beam of energy that causes damage over time and jump higher. In addition, Thanos has a regenerating shield and does not take damage from falling.

The counterpart? You will not be able to build, use weapons and use items as stepping stones. According to Epic’s notes, Thanos “doesn’t need these useless human devices”.

If Thanos is killed, the Infinity Gauntlet will fall to the ground and could be picked up by someone else.

Fortnite Season 4 – Battle Pass Cost

It’s a new Fortnite season, which can only mean one thing: a new Battle Pass that you need to buy. When you start Fortnite after installing the latest update for Season 4 (which is about 2.3GB), you can go to the “Battle Pass” tab and choose the option that will take you to the screen you can see next.

You can use 950 V-Bucks to purchase the basic Battle Pass for Season 4, the equivalent of 9.99 euros on both the Xbox Live Store and the PSN Store. Alternatively, you can pay a staggering 2,800 V-Bucks to unlock the basic Season 4 Battle Pass, as well as some tiers, guaranteeing you some very interesting loot for your characters in the process.

In summary, Fortnite Season 4 rewards include:

See the full list below:

Echelon Battle Pass Free Pass
1 50% personal XP boost, 10% XP boost for friends, Carbide outfit, Battlehawk outfit, access to Weekly Challenges None
two 10% XP boost for friends, 5 free tiers for Season 5 Initial Challenges
3 X Mark spray Nennhum
4 100 V-Bucks Nenhnum
5 Dynamite emoticon Nennhum
6 Carbide loading screen Dripping ink banner
7 Pick Gale Force Nennhum
8 Lights, Camera, Action emoticon None
9 5% XP boost for friends None
10 Rainbow spray Back Bling Standard Issue
11 100 V-Bucks Nennhum
12 Loading Rex screen None
13 Triangle banner icon None
14 GG Smiley spray Angel emoticon
15 Sugar Crash Glider None
16 Spraypaint banner icon None
17 10% XP boost for friends, 5 free tiers for Season 5 None
18 ZZZ emoticon 100 V-Bucks
19 100 V-Bucks None
20 Retro Sci-fi Skydiving Trails None
21 Dog Bowl banner icon None
22 Hearts spray Teamwork emoticon
23 Teknique Clothing None
24 Baby Seal emoticon None
25 5% XP boost for friends None
26 Duck banner icon Emote Orange Justice
27 100 V-Bucks None
28 Squad Leader loading screen None
29 Chalk Outline spray None
30 1000 season XP LoadingSupply Drop screen
31 Popcorn emote None
32 Fence banner icon None
33 10% XP boost for friends, 5 free tiers for Season 5 None
34 Circle spray 100 V-Bucks
35 100 V-Bucks None
36 Spray Paint skydiving trails None
37 1000 season XP None
38 Looted spray Chains banner icon
39 Glider Wings of Valor None
40 Grenade banner icon None
41 5% XP boost for friends None
42 Arrow spray Rainbow emoticon
43 100 V-Bucks None
44 Levodinghan laoding screen None
45 1000 season XP None
46 Plotting emoticon Lollipopper harvesting tool
47 Zoey Clothing None
48 Royal Stroll spray None
49 10% personal XP increase None
50 Lightning skydiving trails Teeth banner icon
51 100 V-Bucks None
52 Chicken emoticon None
53 1000 season XP None
54 Abstract spray Respect emote
55 Back Bling Goodie Bag None
56 Do it! spray None
57 5% XP boost for friends None
58 Pencil banner icon None
59 100 V-Bucks None
60 Aerosol Assassins loading screen None
61 1000 season XP None
62 Three Llamas spray None
63 Hype emote None
64 Crabby emoticon None
65 10% increase in personal XP None
66 Window spray None
67 100 V-Bucks None
68 Hearts skydiving trails None
69 Lightning banner icon None
70 Trap Warning spray None
71 Value Clothing None
72 Raven spray None
73 5% XP boost for friends None
74 Rabid emoticon None
75 100 V-Bucks None
76 Zoey loading screen None
77 Film camera banner icon None
78 Kiss spray None
79 Intrepid Glider None
80 Mask spray None
81 10% increase in personal XP None
82 Bow banner icon None
83 100 V-Bucks None
84 Shooting Star skydiving trails None
85 Brite Gunner loading screen None
86 Teknique spray None
87 Squad Leader Clothing None
88 Bird banner icon None
89 5% XP boost for friends None
90 Bananas emoticon None
91 100 V-Bucks None
92 Loading Raven screen None
93 Arrow banner icon None
94 Tunnel spray None
95 Groove Jam emote None
96 10% increase in personal XP None
97 Celebrate emoticon None
98 100 V-Bucks None
99 Shadow Ops spray None
100 Omega Outfit, Omega Challenges None

Fortnite Season 4 started off on a high and you already know that, no doubt, we have lots of pages about the different aspects of the game that can help you seriously.