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Fortnite skin and event information leaked online

Fortnite skin and event information leaked online

John Wick is one of the most spectacular American film action franchises in recent years. Fortnite is one of the biggest gaming phenomena in recent years as well. Bringing the two together was something that many expected and will happen soon, according to a new leak that shows how the skin will be with the character, as well as information about an event based on the film.

Through datamining, two new John Wick skins were discovered within Fortnite in his latest update. The difference between the two skins is that one of them shows the killer with a tidy look and the other after any of the films in the trilogy, all in disguise.

Image: Reproduction / ForniteBR

In addition to the skin, a golden token was discovered which is based on the gold coins used by John Wick in his films and which may be linked to an event in the film. In it, the player will be placed in teams that must “eliminate other bounty hunters”, managing to reach that token.

According to information from the datamining, players may be eliminated up to three times before they are unable to return to the match. The winners will be the ones with the most tokens, but as you accumulate the coins, your position on the map is revealed, making you an easy target.

The datamining still contains information about Continental, a hotel that appears in the film and is a kind of “sacred ground”, where no one can be attacked. It remains unclear whether this means the hotel will appear in the game.

The John Wick event and skins are due to arrive in the next few days in Fortnite. John Wick 3 hits theaters today, May 16.