With the end of summer in sight, it’s time for another competitive Skrimish event in Fortnite. Autumn Skirmish has another significant amount of money in store, which will be spread out over six weeks. Ten million can be won in total.

Epic is going to delight us in the new season with a new Skirmish event in Fortnite. During this competitive happening in the Battle Royale hit, there are again the necessary cash prizes to be won: this time Epic is giving away ten million spread over six weeks, in the summer the amount was slightly lower with eight million in prize money.

The weather may be cooling down, but the battle is heating up. Fall Skirmish starts soon, with $ 10,000,000 awarded across 6 weeks. Stay tuned for major details dropping later this week!

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 10, 2018

At the time of writing, Epic is still a bit hesitant with further details about the new Skirmish, but promises that we can expect more news about the fall competition during the week. The format of the match remains unchanged: streamers, professional players, influencers and other high level Fortnite players compete against each other in matches that keep changing game types. The last week of Skirmish’s summer ended during PAX West last.

Fall Skirmish attendees have some new content to compete with: check out the new High Stakes event and the content that came with it here. In other Fortnite news, we told you about the Fortnite Nerfblasters and Monopoly Fortnite.

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