The Alien Ships in Fortnite are a new addition to Season 7, and go hand in hand with the alien theme that characterizes the Invasion Battle Pass.

Being a new type of vehicle, these ships can hover above the ground, “steal” objects and players, and fire projectiles towards the ground.

This page explains where to find UFOs in Fortnite is how to fly these spaceships after finding them.

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Fortnite UFO Locations: Where to Find Spaceships in Fortnite

Fortnite’s new type of vehicle, the alien spacecraft, can be found suspended above certain places on the island.

These vary from game to game, but you can tell exactly where they are from the start by looking at the map, and finding which named places are marked in purple with a sparkle effect:

In our experience, three nominated locations will be highlighted at the start of each game. When you visit them, you will see the spaceships in the air circling around you.

From our games so far, three spacecraft will appear in the sky – which means there should be nine UFOs per game.

Of course, as the match progresses, it’s possible that you will find them landed on the map – this is because other players have parked them before moving on (or, most likely, they were knocked out after a firefight).

So you might be wondering: how do you get your hands on a UFO?

How to hijack and fly a UFO in Fortnite

The easiest way to hijack an alien spaceship in Fortnite is to let it kidnap you.

If you look at the UFOs from a distance, you will notice that they regularly duck and pick up random objects and players. The goal is to join them, finding you in the perfect position to knock out the pilot.

If you stay under the UFO for a while, it should slowly approach and fire a tractor beam. If you shoot them at this point, there’s a good chance they’ll retaliate with a bullet – which will deal 30 damage and fly you across the map. So – better “come in peace”.

Once you have been kidnapped, the ship will begin to fly you away from the indicated location. While doing this, you are free to use any of your weapons or items – so equip a gun.

Aim the pilot with a weapon – just find the purple ___pit just above where the tractor beam is coming from – and keep firing until it knocks down.

If you are successful, the ship will fall to the ground.

It is also possible to simply damage the ship to make it fall. In this case, the pilot will attack you and follow a firefight – but in our experience, they’re not too different from regular NPCs patrolling the map and should be easy to deal with.

The latter method is also useful if you want one of the new weapons of the season – the all-new beam weapon with unlimited ammo, dropped by the alien when he is defeated.

Whichever way you shoot down the UFO, it will then be all yours to fly.

Fortnite UFO controls and features explained

Once you are in an alien spacecraft, the controls are a bit tricky at first. In short, they are divided on the screen in the left and bottom right.

They work as follows:

  • Use the triggers to go up and down.
  • Press Circle (or B on Xbox) to accelerate through the air.
  • Press L1 (or LB on Xbox) to use a tractor beam. Press the left trigger to drop close enough, and when a crosshair appears over an object, you can lift it (or press again to drop it).
  • Press R1 (or RB on Xbox) to fire a bullet. These take a few seconds to warm up, but have decent range and good impact to send enemies flying – and deal 30 damage to them every time.
  • Once you’re done, press the Square (or X on Xbox) button to drop the UFO.

The size of the UFO makes it an easy target, but if you can fly and fire a few bullets quickly, you can keep enemies on their toes. The bullet is particularly useful, because once you land one you can continue chaining attacks to seriously disorient the enemy – provided you can track the direction it flies each time, of course.

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