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  5. Fortnite week 11 season 5: how to complete all missions

Fortnite week 11 season 5: how to complete all missions

Fortnite week 11 season 5: how to complete all missions

We already have the Valentine-inspired challenges available in the form of the challenges of week 11 of Fortnite season 5, and we give you each of their solutions.

We have finally reached the most romantic and loving missions of the entire Fortnite season 5, and it is that in this week 11 we must overcome a few challenges related to Valentine’s Day.

In some of these challenges we must collect and deliver love potions, serve fancy dinners, find roses and even collect boxes of chocolates, among other things.

Do not worry, because we have already overcome all the challenges of week 11 of Fortnite season 5 for you, so that you can overcome all these Valentine-inspired challenges as quickly as possible.

Fortnite week 11 season 5: how to complete all missions

These are all the epic missions of week 11 of Fortnite season 5:

And the legendary mission:

To overcome this challenge, the best way is to chase the IO guards with the crossbow since it will allow us to get much more damage quickly. You can also opt for Team Fight using that weapon.

If the crossbow is not available, you must complete this legendary mission in a limited time mode that has it included.

Solution to all the challenges of week 11 of Fortnite season 5

Catch different types of fish to find a Wild Hearts quote for Fish Stick (0/3)

It has no greater mystery: get a rod, catch three different fish. It may be faster if you do it at different fishing spots.

Serve Fish Stick and their date a luxurious dinner at any restaurant (1)

Obviously the first thing we need is to catch fish, which is worth it in any location on the map, although we advise you to do it on the beaches of sandy cliffs, since right in this location we can also overcome the entire challenge.

So head to sandy cliffs and catch at least three different fish. As soon as you have caught them, go to the restaurant in this same area where you should find a table with the relevant appointment and leave the fish to overcome the challenge. You may have to start a different game to complete the second step.

You can also find two other restaurants: one is the Pizza Pit that is located north of the Roman Colosseum and the other is The Durrr Burger that you have located northwest of sticky swamp.

This is the map with the location of the three restaurants where the appointment takes place and therefore you can deliver the aforementioned fish:

In this video we show you some locations:

Find a rose in the Steel Farm or The Orchard (0/1)

First we give you the location of both the Orchard and the Steel Farm:

You have the Orchard just north of the Colosseum while the Steel Farm is located northeast of the Coliseum itself.

Where is the rose of the Garden

The rose that is located in the Orchard is obtained as soon as you enter the main house, you should find it lying on the ground at the entrance next to a vase with other roses.

Where is the rose from the Steel Farm

We must go to the main building of the Steel Farm, and right at the back of it we will find the rose lying on the ground, just below a window.

And the video with its situation:

Pick up Bonachón’s Love Potion in Ruinous Fort, Coral Cove, or Sneaky Fiefdom (0/1)

First we offer you a map with the general situation of these three potions:

Where is the love potion in Ruinous Fort?

Launch yourself into the central area of ​​the Ruinous Fort, and enter through the base of the tower. Inside you must find a small room with a sign and a wooden table with several chairs, and the potion is on the table.

Where is the love potion in Coral Cove

Very easy. Just jump on the island to the west of Coral Cove, where we have the huge conch shell and several stone figures, and around this conch, outside, you find the love potion.

Where’s the Sneaky Fiefdom Love Potion

Launch yourself to the central area of ​​the sneaky fiefdom, at the bottom of some ruins and next to a chest you must find the love potion.

And a video with the procedure:

Deliver the Love Potion in Sticky Swamp or Cutthroat City (0/1)

First we are going to give you a map with the situation of the two places we must access to deliver the aforementioned love potions:

Where to deliver the love potion in sticky swamp

We must go to sticky swamp, just in the northeast area of ​​it. The exact place is right at the main factory at the bottom, where you will find a room where there is a teddy bear and several chests. You will likely have to destroy the walls in this area in order to enter.

Where to deliver the love potion in hovel city

It is located just west of Sticky Swamp, where the statue of the pipes is. Here we have several houses and we practically have to go to the house that is more located to the southwest to find the exact place to deliver this love potion, which is right in front of the teddy bear.

And we show you a video:

Collect boxes of chocolates in Pleasant Park, Sacred Hedges or Commerce City (0/3)

First we offer you a general map with the location of each of the boxes of chocolates in all locations:

Boxes of chocolates in Ciudad Comercio

In a blue house, located just in the southern part of Ciudad Comercio, enter through the back door, and in one of the rooms above the bed you will find the box of chocolates.

From the previous one, head north to the supermarket, and next to the line of boxes you will find another box of chocolates.

Box of chocolates in pleasant park

In the two-story building that is located just southeast of Pleasant Park, go upstairs and you will find the box of chocolates on the table next to the bed.

From the previous one, go to the brown house that is located to the west of the area, enter through the main door and if you turn left you will find another box of chocolates in an office and on the table.

Boxes of chocolates in sacred hedges

In a kind of mansion, just to the southeast, enter through the front door, turn left and on the table you find the box of chocolates.

Starting from the previous one, head north to the sacred hedges, right in the garden where the Christmas tree usually stands every year, and you will find the remaining box of chocolates on the bench.

And a video with its location:

Help Amorosa celebrate Wild Hearts (0/1)

As soon as you have this challenge unlocked, enter any game and talk to some of the secondary characters that are on the map to deliver a Valentine’s letter to them. Consult our guide to know the location of each one.

And now the list of all the characters with their respective names:

  • Lexa
  • Reese
  • Menace
  • Mancake
  • Mave
  • Kondor
  • The Mandalorian
  • Reaper
  • Brutus
  • Deadfire
  • Triggerfish
  • Bullseye
  • Bandolier
  • Longshot
  • Splode
  • Hola
  • Remedy
  • Big chuggus
  • Kyle
  • Cole
  • Ragnarok
  • Bushranger
  • Dummy
  • Sparkplug
  • Burnout
  • Turk
  • Outcast
  • Rapscallion
  • Sleuth
  • Grimbles
  • Sunflower
  • Farmer Steel
  • Doggo
  • Kit
  • Beef Boss
  • Tomato Head
  • Bunker Jonesy
  • Bigfoot
  • Ruckus
  • Fishstick
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