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Fortnite x Dragon Ball: Vegeta confirmed, game mode, skins and more

Fortnite x Dragon Ball: Vegeta confirmed, game mode, skins and more

Among these new files we have, for example, references to the fact that there will be a Dragon Ball event in Fortnite with its own rewards and even a game mode; We still don’t know what they will be or what this mode will consist of.

Another interesting fact is that we know that from previous leaks, four Dragon Ball skins will be coming to Fortnite. One of them will be Goku, that’s for sure. Today we can confirm that Vegeta will be another of the skins thanks to the fact that in the new files added with the Fortnite 21.30 patch there are textures of a hang glider which is the capsule that the Saiyan used in the manga and anime for space travel.

Vegeta’s code name in the Fortnite file system is “StaminaVigor”. Or, put another way, “Vigor” is Vegeta in the Fortnite files, and the tagline “Stamina” is a prefix commonly used by Epic Games in file-level item naming to establish which set they belong to (all Dragon Ball items use the codename “Endurance”).

This is all the new information we’ve gathered about Dragon Ball in Fortnite; We remind you that this collaboration would arrive at the end of August 2022. Our bets on the chosen skins would be Goku, Adult Gohan, Adult Trunks/Future Trunks and Vegeta (now we know it will come).

Fortnite: Soon a collaboration with an American blockbuster?

Shiina was able to skins thanks to Fortnite news sharing MidaRado, which doesn’t appear to be the only Dragon Ball related content coming to the game. he’s on his way to kill Goku when the first one appears, will be available as a glider.

The infamous Kamehameha wave also apparently will be added as part of the Dragon Ball collaboration, though Shiina notes that while they’re not sure what it’s going to be, they think it’s most likely going to be a new mythic ability.

Transformers in Fortnite? The details that intrigue players

Once is not custom, but the information that will follow is not (yet) official, and it is only speculation for the moment, but still quite solid. Thus, Battle Royale players have indeed found several elements suggesting that Transformers robots should appear in the Battle Royale.

The first clues were picked up by Shiina on Twitter, and the latter therefore indicated that at this very moment Hasbro was celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Transformers franchise, but also and above all that “something is being built on the map“. It looks like this is the truck man sculpt from Fortnite Chapter 1, which looks like a Transformer and therefore seems to be making a comeback.

Moreover, following these statements, it is worth remembering that the Collision event had brought during the conclusion of the season a huge gigantic mecha with a key scene in which a truck “similar to Optimus Prime arrived and saved the situation”.

Finally, last point, a recent Fortnite survey took place, and if you follow the news of the Battle Royale on social networks, you are not unaware that they often hold clues about the novelties to come.

Fortnite: shop of the day July 17, 2022

The Sunday July 17, 2022 Fortnite Battle Royale Shop Update

Like every day, Epic Games renews the Fortnite skins, emotes and cosmetics shop this Sunday, July 17, 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Android, PC and even back to iOS.

Fortnite soon with weapon pendants: a leak promises new cosmetics

Fortnite: New cosmetics in sight – Epic Games probably wants to introduce weapon charms into the game

What is this leak? It seems that Epic Games intends to expand the palette of cosmetic items in Fortnite soon. The Battle Royale already has many possibilities to customize the characters with new cosmetics anyway. But other shooters have something Fortnite doesn’t yet have: Weapon charms, or charms. This is where Epic Games could apparently tackle, as an option to archive charms has appeared in the files of the “Cosmetic Archiving” function. The development studio could therefore already be working on weapon pendants.