Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious – Review

Better than the usual license junk, but ultimately the extension that runs on its own lacks substance and independence.

Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious is not an unreasonable idea. Better to build a small but fine project based on a wonderfully functioning framework like Forza Horizon 2 instead of developing your own, quickly and cheaply produced license scrap that ultimately doesn’t really help anyone – except perhaps the purse of those responsible.

And in that regard, you go with this standalone extension, for which you do not need Forza Horizon 2, interesting ways. Every player on Xbox One and Xbox 360 can download and keep the whole thing for free until April 10, 2015 – only after this day it will cost 9.99 euros. The big question now is: Is it even worth downloading the 15 GB on the Xbox One and almost 2 GB on the Xbox 360? And what about if you might later be faced with the choice of paying a tenner for it?

You shall get ten wagons. Not too difficult a task.

Basically, Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious doesn’t offer much that would make it stand out from the main game. It is linked to the upcoming film in that you should get a couple of fast vehicles for the crew – ten of them in total. That’s basically the entire “story” of the game, plus a few small references to the film series here and there and that’s it. Do some races or even complete missions with the characters known from the films? Nope does not exist.

There is nothing new about the game world itself either. There is no new area, instead the regions around Nice and Saint Martin known from FH2 are used as the setting for the game. So the world is smaller than in the main game, but larger than the islet in Storm Island – but the latter offers a new region and no recycled material.

In terms of events, too, you are based on the main game and don’t really have any new variants on offer. Sometimes you complete normal races, once you have to drive around 100 boards, reach a certain speed, find a car in a barn and complete two exhibition races in which you compete against a helicopter and a transport machine. The latter is already known from the Xbox One version of FH2, there was a race against a helicopter in the 360 ​​version.

Ultimately, the developers rely a little too much on what is already known.

If you concentrate primarily on the story of the game, i.e. on the procurement of the ten vehicles, Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious shouldn’t keep experienced players busy for more than three hours – it doesn’t take much longer to get all the successes with their at least 1,000 gamerscore -Earning points.

Apart from that, you can still keep busy if you want to. For the destruction of 20 bonus boards you will receive another vehicle, you can complete driving fun list challenges and various online events are also available to you. So if you want to get the most out of the game in both solo and online mode, it already offers quite a bit of content. However, if you own the main game and primarily drive alone through the area, you won’t find much new here.

In terms of technology, the driving experience is no different from the main game. In other words: It is neither completely based on realism nor completely on arcade, but moves somewhere in between in the golden mean and finds a good balance between the two extremes – the handling is catchy enough not to scare beginners, but also experienced racing drivers are challenged . In the same way, you manage to drive each vehicle uniquely and to a certain extent it can be adapted to your own preferences with regard to driving aids and Co.

The runway isn’t as long as in the last film.

On the graphical side, Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious also suffers from the same problems as its big brother. Every now and then you see popping objects such as trees in the game world in front of you and shadows displayed on the roadside often appear quite late. Since you are using an already known region, you shouldn’t expect any major differences overall.

Which brings us back to the central question: is Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious worth it? Difficult to say. I definitely had my fun in the three hours, but would I later put 9.99 euros on the virtual table for it? Rather not. It is simply too little different from the main game for that. The integration into the film series would have been more extensive, the story – yes, yes, I know, story in a racing game, but if not here, then where? – can be better elaborated. Due to the largely familiar content and the lack of independence, and as the owner of the main game, I wouldn’t spend ten euros on it – you should invest the money in Storm Island sooner. But as long as the game is still free, you can still watch it, even if you just want to increase your Gamerscore account by quickly earned 1,000 points. It will definitely entertain you for a few hours – whether you already own Forza Horizon 2 or not.

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