The Covid-19 case-tracking system developed by Apple and Google did not take long to generate reaction from different governments. Representatives of the European Union confirmed that they hoped to work together with Apple to implement this application, Donald Trump expressed some doubts regarding the operation of the API, without further repercussion. Nevertheless, France has been one of the countries with the strongest position against this solution and has even presented its own alternative.

While France does not detract from the innovation and efficiency that comes with using this solution, according to a publication by the country’s Minister of Digital Affairs, Cedric O, he should develop his own solution in the interests of “technological sovereignty” rather than being ” limited by the options of a large company (Apple). ‘ According to the same source, Apple has been could be an obstacle to launch this alternative.

The limitations referred to by the French government representative imply the refusal of Apple and Google that countries can use the contact tracing information stored in a centralized government database and take any action they deem necessary, which go against the privacy of users.

Apple does not agree to France’s requests for its app against COVID-19

To control cases of the ongoing pandemic, France plans to start testing its own contact tracing app. “StopCOVID” starting next week. However, French authorities have been asking Apple for help in allowing its own app to work better in the background by loosening some of the restrictions on iOS.

As in previous situations, which have even involved the FBI, this time Apple has not been receptive to the proposal, generating a response from the French government that accuses the company of its lack of cooperation. According to statements made by representatives of the Ministry of Digital Affairs to BFM Business TV:

“I regret this, since we are in a period in which everyone is mobilizing to fight the epidemic, and since a large company that is doing well economically is not helping a government in this crisis”

According to France, Apple is exceeding its limits by imposing these restrictions while on Apple’s part, user privacy is non-negotiable.

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