Land tomorrow for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

There is only the final stretch of waiting to be able to enjoy this adventure so desired by many players. A week ago we went to the event presentation of the game in Spain. Where we also had the opportunity to meet its developers first-hand, who also revealed many of its features and details. Then We leave you the videos with the highlights of the event.

Complete list of trophies

The multiplayer action role-playing video game has seen its trophies revealed just before its release. There will be a total of 50 trophies that are distributed as follows: 36 will be bronze, 11 silver, 2 gold, and 1 platinum.

Get ready because the list is not wasted.


  • Welcome to the new world
    Earn the right to accept two-star missions.
  • Nothing stops this commission
    Earn the right to accept three-star missions.
  • Astera Defender
    Earn the right to accept four-star missions.
  • Impregnable defense
    Get five very rare armor to get it.
  • Power is everything
    Obtain five very rare weapons.
  • Movin ‘on up
    Move to an upgraded room to get it.
  • First Friends become friends with
    To get your first Tailraider.
  • Bosom Buddies
    Become an expert with any Palico accessory.
  • Temper Temper:
    For hunting your first tempered monster.
  • Miniature Crown
    Save your first miniature crown to your search log to get it.
  • Giant crown
    For recording your first giant crown in your hunting log.
  • Rookie Capture
    Capture your first monster to get it.
  • Elderslayer Mata
    Capture 50 major dragons.
  • Monster slayer
    Capture 100 big monsters to get it.
  • Help!
    Fire an SOS flare for the first time.
  • I am the reinforcement
    Responds to an SOS flare and also helps complete 10 quests.
  • Hunters United
    Complete a mission through multiplayer to get it.
  • Hunters Forever United
    For completing 100 missions through multiplayer.
  • Spread the Word
    Collect more than 50 Guild Cards to get it.
  • Established Hunter
    For reaching Hunter Rank 100.
  • In the deep
    Earn the right to accept five-star missions.
  • Death begets life
    Successfully lead Zorah Magdaros to get it.
  • The Empress of the Highlands
    Earn the right to take on seven-star missions.
  • One will stand, one will fall
    Earn the right to accept eight-star missions.
  • Hunter’s life for me
    Complete 50 optional missions to get it.
  • An inquisitive mind
    For completing your first investigation.
  • The franchise hunter
    Complete 50 investigations to get it.
  • Enter the Arena
    For completing your first arena mission.
  • There’s no place to go
    Complete 50 arena missions to get it.
  • New World Settler
    For establishing five camps.
  • The art of camouflage
    Escape from the clutches of Jagras by hiding in some bushes to get it.
  • Fishing for a bite
    By fishing your first fish.
  • Mmm, how tasty!
    Cook a well done steak to get it.
  • The bigger they are
    For riding your first monster.
  • Encharged job
    Get 100,000 Research Points.
  • Burgeois hunter
    He owns 1,000,000 zenny.


  • Monster hunter
    Capture 500 large monsters to get it.
  • CapturaPro
    By catching 50 monsters.
  • Pigs for everyone
    Capture a stiff and bristly creature.
  • Rainbow bright
    Capture a creature that shines like a rainbow.
  • A living fossil
    By catching a fish known as “the living fossil”.
  • Snuggles for everyone
    Capture a fluffy, plush creature.
  • The Sapphire Star
    For solving the mystery of Elder Crossing.
  • Indomitable
    By hunting 50 temperate monsters.
  • Giant Crown Collector
    Get a giant crown for 10 or more monsters in your hunting log.
  • Miniature Crown Collector
    Get a miniature crown for 10 or more monsters in their quest log.
  • Monster Ph.D.
    Research everything about almost all monsters.


  • Master of Miniature Crowns
    Get a miniature crown for almost every monster on your hunting log.
  • Master of the Giant Crowns
    Get a giant crown for almost every monster in your hunting log.


  • Conqueror of the New World
    Unlock all trophies from Monster Hunter: World.

Are you nervous? Meanwhile…. Do you want to play Monster Hunter: World all weekend? Well tomorrow is the day

Finally here we leave you the link to the game file.