Actors are talking, The Biebers is playing music, but of course there’s time to play in the 3rd week of the Game Pass Online festival.

Stöki, Grath, Mazur, HP and Sasa will return from 7pm tonight to discuss what to expect from next-gen consoles, and the mood is likely to be at least as good as during the Video Game Industry 2020 show. , so if you want to listen to a podcast (or vodcast) that is professional enough, yet pleasantly entertaining, don’t miss it!

Of course May 18-24. The Game Pass Online festival will continue with the usual schedule: gameplay streams from Monday to Thursday, a concert on Friday, and conversations on weekends. The show for week 3 is the killakikit With that, starts who will jump force, and then on Tuesday Goodlike trying to stay on track in DiRT Rally 2.0. On Wednesday Daev tries not to have a stroke in the charming but cruel world of the Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and on Thursday László Viktória try to cure the inhabitants of the world of Two Point Hospital from all sorts of bizarre diseases.

On Friday a The Biebers band performs with us on Saturday Dóra Sztarenki, Zsolt Anger and Kautzky Armand talk to all sorts of Kiss Imie, and on Sunday it will be about the best Xbox games Checkpoint in its special edition.

The broadcasts always start at 19:00 and last until at least 21:00, you can follow them on the SamaGame YouTube channel or on the Xbox Hungary Facebook page. Stay with us!

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