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Game Workers Unite says Telltale Games’ attitude in trying to end The Walking Dead is “disgusting”

Game Workers Unite says Telltale Games’ attitude in trying to end The Walking Dead is “disgusting”

In the wake of last Friday’s Telltale Games bankruptcy, demonstrations of solidarity with industry workers who lost their jobs are giving way to outrage at the company.

While many prefer to support talent that has run out of work, others prefer to bemoan the cancellation of games and the abrupt end of The Walking Dead Final Season.

Faced with requests to end Clementine’s journey, Telltale Games has decided to react and report that it is trying to find partners to achieve the goal desired by many players.

However, this is generating the indignation of several figures and is drawing a lot of criticism.

In the morning, we saw how Cory Barlog, director of God of War, criticized Telltale’s stance, arguing that they should focus on supporting people who lost their job and not the game. Barlog was just one of several people to express their displeasure.

Now, employees are preparing to sue Telltale for violating several laws in the United States of America and there are criticisms from Game Workers Unite about the company’s stance.

Vernie Roberts, a former Telltale employee, has decided to sue the company for failing to comply with several laws – especially one that requires companies with more than 75 employees to report 60 days in advance when a mass layoff happens.

According to Kotaku, 250 former Telltale employees were told the same day that they had been fired, without compensation, and had to leave the building within 30 minutes.

This process will attempt to demonstrate how Telltale has failed to comply with various laws in effect in the state of California, where the company has its facilities.

The news of the search for possible partners to finish The Walking Dead: Final Season has generated even more outrage as it reveals a total lack of empathy with the people who worked on these games and shows that Telltale may be breaking laws that protect workers.

Game Workers Unite, a worldwide organization dedicated to supporting workers in the video game industry, called Telltale Games’ “disgusting” attitude and said they should pay the 250+ workers who were laid off without any advance notice or compensation.

This is disgusting. Pay compensation to more than 250 former employees,” said the organization.

This is disgusting. Pay your 250+ previous employees’ severity. https://t.co/VscGNrKWi0

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Game Workers Unite added that, “The Walking Dead won’t be the same without the art and care of the laid-off workers.”

Furthermore, he cautions that, “if Telltale Games can support a partnership and continue production, then they may be misrepresenting their ‘poor’ financial conditions and possibly violating the California WARN Act.”

This WARN Act is precisely the basis of the lawsuit filed by former employees against Telllale Games.

The company is still being criticized for possible suspicious practices as if it is able to continue, in a way, to develop its projects, it could be earning money after dispatching its employees without any compensation.