Gamer laptops with Nvidia Super video cards are coming in April

With a tenth-generation Intel processor, these gaming notebooks can compete with laptops equipped with Ryzen 4000 chips.

New gamer laptops are already reported to arrive, with manufacturers already incorporating Nvidia’s latest Super Series mobile graphics controllers. We’ve known for some time that these video cards are approaching, and based on recent rumors, GPUs will be associated with Intel’s tenth-generation Core processors. In principle, the novelties will be unveiled on April 2, and may appear on store shelves on April 15. Experts believe it could be an attractive choice for gamers, although AMD may still confuse the overall picture.

There are also more and more leaks from the field of machines equipped with AMD Ryzen 4000 series APUs, and the latter typically paint a fairly favorable picture of Zen 2 mobile processors. In terms of GPUs, AMD is lagging behind, but even stronger in terms of processors and APUs.

Serious give-and-take will be expected between Intel and AMD, as well as brand-loyal fans due to the tenth-generation Intel and Ryzen 4000 processors. On both sides, however, we will get an Nvidia Super series video card, so its manufacturer will do well as a laughing third with the dumping of new gamer laptops, regardless of the outcome of the duel.