McKinsey recently released the first edition of the Brazil Digital Report, a report that brings the results of studies on the behavior of the Brazilian market in view of current technological advances. One of the elements addressed in the report is the country’s position in the games market, pointing out that Brazil has the third largest presence in this segment worldwide.

According to Brazil Digital Report, the game market in the country has more than 60 million players, 375 game development studios, had more than 1,700 titles produced in 2018 alone, in addition to an annual revenue of $ 1, 3 billion (approximately R $ 6.546 billion).

(Photo: BrazilAtSiliconValley / Reproduction)

The report seems to address quite a lot the production and consumption of mobile games, taking advantage of the easy access of a good part of the Brazilian population to smartphones and cheap connections through data plans. According to Brazil Digital Report, Brazil is 19th in the ranking of developers on the App Store, showing that although the country’s presence on consoles is strong, mobile games are still the engine for the national game market.

To read the entire report, available in English, click here.