As an opening to EA’s gamescomos performance, we were able to watch an entire match from Star Wars Battlefront II astronaut mode.

Earlier in a short pastime, we could see what the Star Wars Battlefront II vehicle mode, Starfighter Assault, looks like. You can try this game mode on gamescom, but in the live stream of EA we could get a spectacular taste of it from home as well.

During a video showing the entire battle from different perspectives, a Criterion employee helped interpret what we were seeing on the screen. In this way we learned what different phases of the three phases of the space battle around the Fondor shipyard present the rebels and what means of defense they give to the Imperials. We’ve also seen the heroic ships of Star Wars Battlefront 2, including the extremely damaging Millennium Falcon, Poe Dameron’s X-wing, which gives his teammates an AOE buff, Darth Maul’s Invisible Scimitar, and Slave It.

How do you like space battles based on the show?

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  • Developer: DICE
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: FPS
  • Appearance: 11/17/2017

Armed with a single-player campaign and a redesigned multiplayer mode, Star Wars Battlefront 2 invites us into battle in the locations of all three movie trilogues.