That some players don’t like Fortnite, well, that can happen. However, a visitor to Gamescom seems to hate the popular Battle Royale title so much that he shed all his hatred for the game in a bag and left it at Epic’s booth.

During Gamescom someone seems to have shown his hatred for Fortnite in a very special way. Rumor has it that while waiting in line for the Fortnite booth, an unnamed person pooped into a bag and left it on the trading floor. So today at the biggest game fair in the world it didn’t just stink of sweat … Visitors waiting in line at the Fortnite booth walked over the farting bag, saturating the air with molecules and the entire floor was smeared with feces. At least, this is claimed …

There are a number of sources on Twitter confirming the story. It seems to have been such a heavy bolus that one of the visitors even went over his neck!

So apparently at gamescom someone took a in front of the fortnite booth during queue, put it into a bag & ppl stomped on it. The whole hall smelled so bad, even a kid threw up in front of the stage …

– Jessica @ gamescom (@pynappeltv) August 24, 2018

Apparently someone took a into a bag, put it infront of @FortniteGame booth, and people walked on top of it so it spread across the front.

Wtf lmao

– AndyPyro @ Gamescom / #reformed (@ 4ndypyro) August 24, 2018

However, there are also those present who claim that it was a stink bomb, after which someone vomited on the exhibition floor.

It is not true.

We got stink-bombed, and someone threw up apparently

There was zero-poo

– AlexCosplay @ GAMESCOM (@Alex_cosplay) August 24, 2018

Whether it is true or not, it remains bizarre news.

Speaking of stink bombs, did you know they are also in Fortnite? There are plenty of players who like the game. Therefore, also check our Fortnite tips, because of course you want to play a game of Battle Royale.

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