Gat Out of H**l among Games with Gold games of December 2020

We are just a few days before the end of November, a month that has been very special for Microsoft for the launch of Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, but there was still an announcement pending, such as which games will be available in the service Games With Gold in December.

As usual, all Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have at their disposal a couple of Xbox One games and two more that were published in Xbox 360. Even so, you can download and play any of them on the new Xbox as well. Without further delay we go with the review of the chosen titles.

Xbox One games free in December 2020

  • The Raven Remastered (valued at 29.99 euros): available from December 1 to December 31. In this mystery adventure We will participate in an exciting crime story from the perspective of several characters as we put ourselves in the shoes of the police officer Anton Jakob Zellner, who will try to discover who is responsible for an ancient ruby ​​in the British Museum in London.
  • Bleed 2 (valued at 14.99 euros): available from December 16 to January 15. The following is a game of arcade action in which we will have to shoot everything we see on the screen while we do not stop dodging the attacks of the enemies throughout seven different levels with more than 25 final bosses to defeat.

Xbox 360 games for free in December 2020

  • Saints Row: Gat out of H**l (valued at 14.99 euros): Available from December 1 to 15. Is about an independent expansion of Saints Row IV in which the action will take place in h**l itself, where you will have to fight against all kinds of demons in order to save the soul of the Saints, which does not mean that the DLC has its touch of madness with some weapons of the craziest.
  • Stacking (valued at 14.49 euros): available from December 16 to 31. The last title of this month is an adventure developed by Double Fine Productions in which we will have to travel a world inhabited by living Russian dolls while we solve puzzles and jump inside other dolls to acquire their skills.