Gears of War: Ultimate Edition – test

It was one of the worst kept secrets of this E3, but that didn’t stop the press and fans alike from getting excited about the official announcement of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, remastering of the first Gears of War. The public beta, which began in conjunction with the start of E3 and which will continue until June 22, has aroused even more enthusiasm.

We thus had the opportunity to try not only the game itself, but also to test the infrastructure that Microsoft is setting up to support the mass of players who from day one will once again flock to Sera to eliminate locusts or quarter the COGs. An increasingly important thing as the launches of some of the most important games in recent months have shown, with huge problems for the online aspect.

And here comes the first good news: during all of our gaming sessions, the netcode was just perfect. Not only did the line never fall and everything always ran smoothly and without any problems, but the matchmaking was also surprisingly fast, with waits of less than a minute to find seven companions (who played the first Gears of War he will certainly remember the enormous problems that the title has had in this regard for many months).

It must also be said that the beta offers only one game mode, team deathmatch in 4 vs 4, and it is therefore easier to manage the flow of players if you have to convey them all in the same way, but it is still something very positive that bodes well. for the final product.

The lancer and his chainsaw are back!

Moving on to the actual game, you immediately notice the graphic upgrade that makes the now dated first chapter of the saga a product in step with the times. 1080p at 60 frames per second is a joy to behold, as are the new textures and lighting effects. Water and reflective surfaces have taken a big step forward, and the same can be said of virtually every aspect of the five maps featured in the beta.

What at first leaves a little dumbfounded is the movement of the characters which is quite slow and, above all, not very fluid. To understand, it almost seems to move in the water instead of in the air. However, this is not a technical problem but a precise choice of the developers who have re-proposed multiplayer exactly as it was in the very first Gears of War: slower and more reasoned than the decidedly faster and more agitated one that was seen in the second and above all in the third installment of the saga.

The decision seems destined to displease some fans and make others happy, as always happens when you have to decide whether to stay faithful to the original or re-propose it with the mechanics that the saga has acquired over time and which are now taken for granted.

Apart from this, or perhaps for this reason, it is the usual Gears of all time: frantic battles going from one cover to another, looking for the perfect recharge or the enemy to cut in two with your own Lancer.

Great attention has been paid to the textures of the selectable characters.

The team deathmatch available in the beta pits two teams of four fighters each, with ten total lives to spend: the first team to finish all lives, loses. There is obviously an experience point component that levels up as you play and you can choose between the various classes available (hunter, sniper, etc.).

Each of these is associated with a specific character and, above all, a range of weapons from which to choose the two that will take to battle. All as expected from the multiplayer of a 2015 game. During the clashes there is instead a new function that assigns a colored halo to the characters who are distant from us, thus allowing us to understand if they are allies or enemies. This is very useful but it also makes it a little too easy to understand who is stationed in one place.

The general impression that you get from this beta is that of having a title that is well-finished in every aspect, an act of love towards the first chapter of one of the most important sagas of the last generation. Now you just need to have the patience to wait until August 25, the release date of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition!