Gears Tactics among the best sellers on Steam

Gears Tactics will be available within hours and the excitement surrounding the launch is already being felt.

Through Steam, you can confirm that the new game in the acclaimed Gears series is among the best selling games in the Valve digital store and during the last few hours it was even in first.

Currently, the list is led by PUBG, which has a 50% discount on the price, but the game from Splash Damange and The Coalition was already the leader in the list with the best selling games on Steam.

This is yet another example of the potential of this property and how the launch on the PC may have served to boost the enthusiasm and curiosity of players around Gears Tactics.

In our review, Gears Tactics is described as “an excellent adaptation of the series to the turn-based strategy format, while maintaining the same furious and visceral gameplay.”

Despite this being a different genre from its origins, Gears Tactics is a worthy debut for the series in turn-based strategy games. Gears of War fans will find a pleasant surprise here. Even if you have never played a title like this, the adaptation is not complicated and the game explains how the various mechanics work as well as the particularities of each enemy. On a personal note, this is not a genre I am a passionate fan of, but Gears Tactics has managed to win me over. Knowing in advance that both Splash Damage and The Coalition have no experience in this genre, what they managed to do here is a sparkle. It is a very solid game, which demonstrates a wide understanding of the elements that make up a turn-based strategy game and also what characterizes Gears of War.