Gears of War expanded into the turn-based strategic space with the release of Gears Tactics available starting today exclusively on Windows PC. Microsoft’s successful shooter franchise translates gracefully, adapting its combat in the new perspective. And while it’s already at the top of Steam’s bestsellers, the game isn’t coming to Xbox One for now.

Microsoft has repeatedly hinted at an Xbox One version for Gears Tactics, but refrains from giving precise release date details. The newly updated support documentation is now available offering additional context on the Xbox One version, apparently destined for late 2020.

“Tactics was designed from the ground up specifically for PC, from the mouse / keyboard based gameplay to the incredible optimization that allows Gears Tactics to run on a variety of PCs,” states the game’s support page. “We want to make sure Gears Tactics feels right at home on a console and not like a port, so our team is working hard to design a custom quality experience. Expect Gears Tactics to be playable on your Xbox console by the end of the game. ‘year”.

The launch window provided aligns with the next generation of consoles, with Xbox Series X set to hit the market in late 2020. A launch alongside Xbox Series X, with visual enhancements, seems like an ideal match then; also Microsoft in the description does not specifically mention Xbox One, but remains more on a generic “Xbox console”. What do you think? Stay tuned with us for any details about it.

Source: Windows Central