Video game streaming services on iOS devices have brought controversy. Apple does not allow these types of applications in the App Store, considering them a kind of “application stores”. Nevertheless, there are solutions to this problem, and services are adapting.

GeForce NOW now available for iOS

Nvidia just revealed that its service GeForce NOW is now available on iOS devices via Safari, and Google has announced that Stadia will be supported in the same way throughout the “next few weeks.”

These types of services bring PC-quality games to the iPhone and iPad without the need to spend hundreds of euros. Furthermore, they are completely compatible with PS4, PS5 and Xbox controllers.

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Requirements for playing GeForce NOW on iPhone and iPad

GeForce NOW is available starting today for users of iOS 14 onwards, and brings the power of a Windows PC to the iPhone or iPad by transmitting it through Safari.

We can play games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Destiny 2: Beyond Light from our iOS device. Even in the future it could bring Fortnite back to the iPhone.

These are the servers that make GeForce Now possible.

GeForce NOW features 5 million users and it is already available in beta form for all of them, all they have to do is enter the web from their iPhone or iPad.

For its part, Stadia, the Google platform, it will also come to the iPhone and iPad using Safari. Stadia is based on a different concept than GeForce NOW, but it is also a streaming gaming platform. In other words, the game runs remotely and you see it on your screen.

Stadia is coming soon

These types of platforms are becoming popular and there are two important ones to come to the iPhone: Amazon Luna and Microsoft xCloud. But it seems that these two will be available soon in the same way on the iPhone and iPad: thanks to Safari.

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